Our journey to Mexico begins in:



The Vacayans are hard at work planning each and every detail of our 2021 Mexico Resort vacation. We’ll have lots to share with you as everything comes together. You’ll find that information here.

We’ll also house an email archive on this page, too. This archive will feature all the trip-specific communications we have with you throughout your pre-resort experience with us. That way, if you happen to lose a general email somewhere along the way, you’ll be able to find it right here.

VACAYA’s mission is to give you everything you need with plenty of time to ensure a totally stress-free experience. Get ready for your vacaya!

Many people ask us “what will the VACAYA Oasis experience be like?” VACAYA Oasis is certainly more laid back than our large-ship cruises, perfect for those seeking fun, relaxation, adventure, and romance.

The VACAYA Oasis rhythm is… Relaxed. Easy. Fun. Balanced. Luxurious. Indulgent. Sporty. Unscripted. Adventurous.




We are so excited about the upgrade to the new Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun. The resort is slated to officially open in early September, with a soft opening in August.

The Vacayans will be going down for a site inspection in early August. After that, we’ll have a much better sense of how everything will play out operationally – from cabana rentals to meal times to entertainment and party locations. So while we don’t have the answers to a lot of the operational questions you’ve posed to us, the hotel is starting to onboard their on-property team now and we hope to be able to finalize many of those details prior to their grand opening.

For those who’ve traveled with us before, you know we like to communicate early and often, but in this case, the typical information we’d provide to you months in advance will come much closer to the actual event date. But know… as soon as we have the most important details, we’ll always post them here first.

We can’t wait to welcome you all! Now, keep sharing the story of this once-in-a-lifetime vacation opportunity with your friends! We want to fill every room and blow the roof off Hyatt Ziva with their first full buy out!

– The Vacayans


As a VACAYA guest, special airfare discounts are available to you for flights to/from Cancun (CUN) on Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, and codeshare flights with Delta partners (must be Delta designated). The discounts are as follows:

For US and Canada flights to/from Reykjavík:

  • Receive 10% off F, J, C, D, Y, P, and I class tickets
  • Receive 5% off B, M, H, Q, K, and L class tickets
  • Receive 2% off U, T, V, and X class tickets

International flights, not including Asia/Australia:

  • Receive 10% off J, C, D, W, Y, B, and M class tickets
  • Receive 5% off I, Z, H, Q, K, L, and U class tickets
  • Receive 3% off T class tickets

International Transpacific flights from Asia/Australia:

  • Receive 20% off J, C, W, and Y class tickets
  • Receive 10% off D, I, B, M, H, Q, and K class tickets
  • Receive 5% off Z, L, U, and T class tickets
  • Receive 3% off X and V class tickets

International Transpacific flights from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND):

  • Receive 25% off J, C, W, and Y class tickets
  • Receive 15% off D, I, B, M, H, Q, and K class tickets
  • Receive 10% off Z, L, U, and T class tickets
  • Receive 8% off X and V class tickets

To make an online reservation with Delta, click BOOK NOW just below:

You can also call Delta at 800.328.1111 (Monday-Friday, 7am-7:30pm Central Time). Be sure to use Meeting Code NMUKW when making your flight bookings via phone. Please note there is no ticketing charge for working with a live Delta agent to book your flights.

Discounts will be available for flights to/from Cancun, Mexico (CUN) Oct 20-Nov 16, 2021.


If you’d like to extend your stay at Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun either before or after our week there, use these links to book your extra nights at a discount:

Pre-Event Nights (Oct 29 and earlier): BOOK PRE-EVENT NIGHTS HERE

Post-Event Nights (Nov 6 and beyond): BOOK POST-EVENT NIGHTS HERE

While Hyatt cannot guarantee you’ll be able to stay in the same room for extra pre-event nights, they will do their very best. For post-event nights, you’ll stay in the same room you have with VACAYA. Both of these circumstances are entirely dependent on you purchase of the same room type you have with VACAYA for your extra pre- or post-event nights. Purchasing a different room type than the type you have with VACAYA will ensure you’ll have to change rooms.


VACAYA will offer a clothing optional pool. When moving outside of this area, we ask that you please put your swimsuit back on. Our hosts have been very gracious in allowing us to provide this clothing optional pool to our guests, so we want to be as respectful as we can be in regard to the guidelines they’ve established. So thank you in advance for your cooperation.

And obviously… we ask that cameras not be used in this area.

As a reminder to everyone coming to the resort earlier than Oct 30… our designated clothing optional pool is NOT clothing optional until October 31. With the resort’s guests from the week prior still able to use the facilities on Oct 30 (until their transfers take them away), we ask that you please stay clothed when using this pool. Also, the pool will not be clothing optional on November 6 (as future guests begin to arrive).


Although US Dollars are widely accepted around Mexico, there are some businesses that will only take Mexican Pesos.

If you decide to purchase Mexican Pesos, the current exchange rate is:

1 USD = 20.2 MXN

For the latest exchange rates, we recommend


With the exception of Mexican citizens, all travelers must have a valid passport to travel to Mexico via air.

Visas are not required for US Citizens, but may be required of other nationalities. You can check the official visa requirements/instructions for Mexico HERE. It is the responsibility of each traveler to have the proper travel documents.

When arriving at CUN Airport, you will go through Mexican Immigration and Customs. After collecting your luggage in the Arrivals Hall, make your way to the Customs queue. Mexican Customs officials scan all bags as they leave the Arrivals Hall and some are randomly selected for further inspection. You’ll be asked to press a button that lights up either green or red to determine whether you’ll be randomly selected. Green means “you’re free to exit without inspection.” Red means “you’ve been selected for further inspection.” If selected for further inspection, simply follow the instructions of the officials as they do a hand inspection of your luggage.

After exiting the Customs area, you will go through an area known as “The Gauntlet,” where hoteliers, tour operators, and car services attempt to sell you their products. No need to stop here. Just smile and keep walking toward the exit doors. Once you exit the building, you’ll meet your transfer driver just outside (more specific details will come later).


All emails to our Booked Guests will be available here.

July 29, 2021 – Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Extra Pre/Post Nights Ready for booking!

July 7, 2021 – Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Extra Pre/Post Nights – Not quite ready yet

May 27, 2021 – Panama Jack Playa del Carmen changes to Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun

June 2, 2021 – Extra Nights Query

July 1, 2021 – Party Themes Announced at 120 Days Out!

July 7, 2021 – Extra Nights Information


We will begin previewing all of your fabulous entertainment shortly after we get back from our first visit to the resort, which is August 3-6.


It’s July 1 – 120 days before our adventure together – and here are your Party Themes! Costumes are never required, but they certainly add immensely to the festivities. Of course, you’ll be welcome in or out of costume.


Saturday, October 30 (10pm-12am) – “This Is Me” Welcome Cocktail Party

It’s Night 1 and we want to know who you are and where you’re from. So give us a little hometown realness as we all come together for the very first time!



Sunday, October 31 – Wicked Halloween Costume Parade (9pm) & Party (10pm-1am)

The evening will start with our Wicked “Scary Movies” Costume Parade. Let the world of horror cinema guide your costume. The Wicked winner will take home the coveted “Zzolo Award” (we’ll explain its origins at the event) and a $500 future VACAYA trip credit! Your judges will be looking at your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and embrace of the theme. After the parade, we’ll dance the night away with tricks and treats!



Monday, November 1 (4-7pm) – Elementos V-Dance

It’s Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)! Today, the border between the spirit world and the real world dissolves. Our V-Dance celebrates the four foundational elements of this magical day – fire, water, earth, and air. So whether you choose a more traditional costume or a super sexy take on it, let the elements guide you across the Chinvat Bridge.



Tuesday, November 2 (10pm-1am) – Celebración Blanca

We were all shocked by the recent death of White Party Impresario Jeffrey Sanker. Jeffrey’s life was viewed by our community in extremes. Some people loved him, while others… not so much. But in death, we have to recognize his unbelievable contributions to the circuit scene. In honor of Jeffrey’s groundbreaking work, VACAYA has designated November 2 as “Jeffrey Sanker Day.” The night’s set will be spun by VACAYA DJ Chord Bezerra in tribute to Jeffrey and white will be worn both day and night in his honor.



Wednesday, November 3 (4-7pm) – Double the Fun V-Dance

Today, we’re TWINS-ing! So duplicate your efforts with your partner or bestie! Traveling solo? No worries. You’re not alone. Combine forces with another solo traveler pre-trip by finding a Double-the-Fun Twin on our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE and get ready for this afternoon of doppelganger fun in the sun!



Wednesday, November 3 (10pm-1am) – Moat Party @ The Strip, powered by JustFor.Fans

Turn up the heat as our friends at JustFor.Fans host tonight’s Moat Party @ The Strip! Head to the clothing optional pool near Buildings 10 & 11 and join in all the striptacular fun! For the Wonder Women of VACAYA, Jo and Jen will be welcoming you to the “Isle of Lesbos” from 10pm-1am tonight at the Building 9 Waterpark Pool (next door to The Strip). Bring a towel!



Thursday, November 4 (10pm-1am) – Less Is More

Enough said. But yes… you do have to cover your twigs and berries, gentlemen, and your vajayjays, ladies, but that’s all.



Friday, November 5 (4-7pm) – “The Big D” V

It’s time to Dive in to that Dictionary of yours for our signature final Letter Party! This year, we’re taking on Resort Director Danny’s favorite letter! Danny Dwells in Dallas, so be Daring, Dashing, Dapper, Dangerous, Delightful, Deep, Demonic, Distinct, or Desirously inspired by all things D.


Our parties will be a mix of indoor and outdoor events, so they’re weather dependent and are subject to change/cancellation.


We’ll provide transfer instructions approximately 45 days before the event. You’ll be able to purchase your transfers through VACAYA’s ground transportation company, AmStar.


For a look at all the inclusions and benefits of VACAYA Breeze, visit HERE.


While the tap water at the resort is perfectly fine for showering, bathing, and brushing your teeth, it’s recommended that you drink bottled water both while on property and off. Bottled water is abundantly available around the resort.


Seasonal norms for October and November show consistent highs of around 89°F / 31.6°C and a consistent low of around 79°F / 26.1°C each night.


The resort is nice comfy casual at all times. Swimsuits/shorts and Ts/tanks are perfect during the day. And nice shorts/jeans/pants and a collared shirt are perfect resort wear during the evening. Nice T-shirts are also ok. The restaurants are beautiful spaces and you’ll see they warrant just a bit of style. As a general guideline, we ask that tank tops not be worn in the restaurants during dinner.

And we’ll say it again here (because it’s that important)… when moving away from the Clothing Optional Pool, please cover yourself.