My Favorite Color is Beach

More laid back than our large-ship cruises, the irresistible resorts of VACAYA Oasis offer the perfect getaway for those seeking fun, relaxation, adventure, and romance. Whether you’re looking to zip line through tree canopies or lounge by an incredible pool, you’ll find it here as you create friendships and memories that’ll last a lifetime.
We’ve completely broken the mold with our resort vacations, partnering with properties that redefine what’s expected and what’s possible – from the truly “all inclusive” (where everything from award-winning cuisine, top-shelf cocktails, select spa treatments, excursions, salon services, SCUBA diving experiences, and golf are included) to non-all-inclusive properties that set a whole new standard in the communities they represent. It’s a style of LGBT+ resort vacations we know you’ll love – each Oasis trip unique in its own right.
VACAYA’s exclusive partnerships with some of the finest properties in the world is rewriting the playbook on all-gay all-inclusive resort holidays. Our resorts offer scores of daytime activities, exclusive nightly entertainment, gourmet restaurants, exquisite turquoise waters, and sun-soaked beaches. But that’s only the beginning. Our resorts are magical places where you’ll become part of a much larger family – the VACAYA family.
The VACAYA Oasis rhythm is… Relaxed. Easy. Fun. Balanced. Luxurious. Indulgent. Sporty. Unscripted. Adventurous. An all-new way to play.
The Resort is
ALL Yours!

And the Drinks are On Us!
VACAYA Oasis takes luxury to a whole new level. And when we say you’ll have the chance to expand your friend circle, we’re not kidding around. You’ll have the chance to make anywhere from 200 to 800 new friends on each of our resort trips!


Designed for ALL Your Friends

This is the perfect getaway for you and your friends – no matter their stripes. If they’re a friend of yours, they’re a friend of ours. And that’s really the beauty of VACAYA’s “love is love” anthem.

Welcome Home!

Inspiring locations. Exciting entertainment.
Non-stop action. Non-stop friends.
Non-stop fun.
VACAYA Oasis is your new home away from home… only better!


With some of the finest spas in the world, there’s never been a better way or time to unwind. Ready. Set. Relax.


The best celebrity chefs and mixologists come together to take your taste buds on a culinary journey like no other.


At VACAYA, we bring you the best of Broadway, television, music, and film to inspire, challenge, and entertain you. Get ready!

Enjoy the Suite Life

After a day of exploration or relaxing by the pool, nothing is better than returning to your luxury accommodations.


Male. Female. Black. White. Skinny. Abundant. Gay. Lesbian. Bi. Trans. Straight-allied. You are welcome exactly as you are. For FUN’s sake, you do you!


VACAYA’s ReachOUT program is the perfect way to give back to the communities we visit. Fun. Easy. Meaningful.


Let the warm sun wash over you as you melt into the stunning oasis all around you. With so much included, all that’s left to do is have fun and enjoy the value!

<p>Throw Caution to<br />
the Four Winds</p>

Throw Caution to
the Four Winds