Traveling with friends is a big part of the LGBT+ vacation experience. So whether you and your giggle* are looking for 2 or 50 rooms, VACAYA’s online booking tool makes it easier than ever before. And to make things even sweeter…


As part of our inaugural season, we’re kicking things up a notch for our Ptown Cruise on Celebrity Summit! We will award the 2 largest groups booked with a private 1-hour VIP Cocktail Party, with hors d’oeuvres and an open bar! It’s our little way of saying, “Welcome to the VACAYA family!”

Before your group starts booking, a designated appointee from your group can give us a call at 718.504.0404 or send us an IM through our website chat tool between the hours of 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday through Friday (or email us any time at and we’ll assign your giggle a Group Booking Code.

Each member of your group will then use that Group Booking Code when making their online reservation with VACAYA. Each room booked using your specific Group Booking Code will count toward the rewards. It’s that easy!

Bonus Offer Fine Print:

  • To qualify for our Bonus Offer prize, all bookings must be tied to your assigned Group Booking Code.
  • Any cancellation of a room booked using the Group Booking Code will result in that room being removed from the total room count used to award the Bonus Offer prize.
  • The 2 winning groups will be announced the first night of the cruise.
  • Only those registered guests within the winning group who’ve used their Group Booking Code can participate in the Cocktail Party prize.
  • Based on our entertainment and activity programming, the scheduling of the Bonus Offer Cocktail Party will be at the sole discretion of VACAYA. Don’t worry, though, we’ll work with your Group Leader to offer a few dates/times.


If your group is looking for side-by-side rooms or even nearby rooms at different price points, we’re confident you can navigate a group booking on your own. And here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Start by bringing your group together on a call (or even better… face-to-face with cocktails!). Once everyone is together, assign a Group Leader who can moderate. Trust us… you’ll want your own Julie McCoy.**
  • Take a look at the static deck plan/resort map for the trip you and your friends are interested in (those are available on THE PRICES page for each trip).
  • Select a general area of interest on the ship/at the resort. Where would you like your group’s rooms to be located?
  • You’ll book each room individually directly on our website, so it’s best to all book at the same time to ensure everyone in your giggle gets the exact room they want.
  • Once you proceed through to the BOOK NOW option, our online booking tool shows the current available inventory. Using your initial research as your starting point, simply look for that area of interest to see if those rooms are still available. Whether from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can each look at the “live” deck plans and see the available rooms in real time.
  • Our system allows you to hold your room choice for up to 30 minutes while your friends place their own side-by-side or nearby rooms on hold, as well. Once each of you has placed your desired room “on hold,” you can then proceed to check out simultaneously. And if you have a Group Booking Code for our Ptown Cruise, remind each person in your group to enter it when checking out!

There’s really no better way to travel with VACAYA than by lining up adjoining balcony cabins on the starboard side of Deck 8 (or anywhere for that matter) and enjoying the fun of an impromptu pre-party runway show or a late-night kiki on your connecting balconies. Booking with friends allows you to create your own little neighborhood right there on the ship!


*A group of gays used to be known as a “gaggle,” but now it’s a “giggle.” You’re welcome.

**If you’re under 30, “Julie McCoy” refers to the famed Cruise Director from the 70s/80s ABC comedy, The Love Boat. You’re welcome… again.