We at VACAYA believe life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. That’s why we encourage all single travelers to throw caution to the four winds and travel with us. We fully recognize that traveling alone can oftentimes be a scary prospect, but remember… at VACAYA you’re never alone for long (unless you want to be, of course). And here are a few tips to help you get on your way!

The online VACAYA community is incredibly welcoming, so we’ve created an official Facebook Group specifically for solo travelers looking for a roommate. We call it our “Solo Travelers Playground” – a place for you to meet other solo adventurers. In addition, each of our vacations has an official Facebook Groups Page. These are great resources for finding other solo travelers who are also looking for a roommate. In our experience, the most successful pairings are those initiated by the people actually looking. Simply post in our Solo Travelers Playground or in the individual event groups that you’re seeking a roommate and let others come directly to you. This method gives you the opportunity to interview prospective roommates beforehand, allowing you to make a strong pre-cruise bond. Assuming you find a match on your own, you can both simply book a room together as any friends would.


Don’t want to share a room? No problem. Sometimes it’s just more convenient and comfortable to have your own room, which is why we offer single travelers a “My Own Room” option – a single room all to yourself. At our Oasis resorts, we offer a single supplement on an as-available basis. While we have less flexibility on our cruises, if you’re willing to pay both halves of the normal double occupancy and gratuities rate (plus one port charge fee), we are happy to accommodate you in your own room.

Never traveled solo before? We can get you sorted. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions, or get in touch with us any time!