Our Founders

To build a truly transformative company, it takes a unique group of leaders and a dedicated team willing to rewrite the playbook rather than simply follow the rules. One thing that unifies our team is that John, Randle, and Patrick share a passion for travel and an understanding of the world. They are fascinated by culture, history, and cuisine. Their travel bucket lists are driven by curiosity, hope for a better tomorrow, and the belief they can come to a deeper understanding of a place and its people. You can read more about our team’s values and perspectives on our blog page.

Randle Roper

From his earliest days at Universal Studios to his years with Atlantis Events, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and later as President of RSVP Vacations, Randle has over 25 years of experience in entertainment, hospitality, and LGBT travel. However, he was actually a late bloomer in regard to his wanderlust passions. Growing up just outside New Orleans, his family’s idea of adventure was the occasional weekend trip to the Florida panhandle. While Pensacola and Panama City are certainly lovely, they didn’t exactly stoke his fire to see more of the world. All that changed at the age of 27 on a July day that would alter his life forever. It was hard to understand exactly what was happening in that life-changing moment, but the truth would quickly reveal itself: Randle was suffering a massive stroke. Laying in the intensive care unit of Burbank’s St. Joseph Medical Center, he couldn’t believe his travel experiences had been limited to Fort Walton Beach and one lucky trip to Walt Disney World oh so many years ago. So the life negotiations began! He made a promise to himself that if he recovered, he’d see the world. The thought of dying without ever having seen anything much beyond Florida and Southern California, where he currently lived, was just too much to bear. So he set two very specific goals that fateful day: to fully recover and then to visit 100 countries before turning 40. Ambitious? Absolutely. But the fire those goals set inside him burned brightly, powering him through the intense physical and speech therapy. After a year of recovery, his adventures began. He got his passport and set off for Turkey! That trip to mystical Istanbul was an eye-opener – so foreign, so completely new – and it started his life on its current wild and wonderful course. He’d beaten death. And now he’s become one of the most well-traveled people on the planet, having journeyed to all seven continents and 124 countries and counting. He’s now got his eyes set firmly on visiting EVERY country on the globe! To reach Randle, simply email randle@myvacaya.com. Follow Randle on Insta @ vacayarandle.

Randle RoperRandle RoperRandle RoperRandle RoperRandle RoperRandle Roper

Patrick Gunn

Patrick caught the travel bug while on a European tour in high school, which led to his interest in attending a college study abroad program called Semester at Sea. The semester consisted of a 100-day voyage by ship around the globe, stopping in 10 different countries along the way. Having his eyes opened during his first global circumnavigation, he volunteered to work on his second Semester at Sea a few years later. His job on the ship was to help the students plan their in-country travel. Patrick credits his travels with helping to find the courage to come out to his friends and family, a major step in any gay person’s life. Patrick has visited over 50 countries and grown from each experience. He now has a passion for traveling with his husband, Michael to places where being gay is less accepted. His hope is that living out and proud will lead to acceptance around the globe. Patrick holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. Early in his career, he held various marketing leadership positions with Procter & Gamble, HP, EA, Disney, Yahoo!, and later with Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations. Patrick can be reached at patrick@myvacaya.com. Follow Patrick on Insta @ carpe_diem_47.

Patrick GunnPatrick GunnPatrick GunnPatrick GunnPatrick GunnPatrick Gunn

John Finen

For as far back as he can remember, John has always had the travel bug. After moving from Nashville to NYC to pursue a career in the arts, he found his first professional gig touring around the US with the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble. Eleven thousand miles in a U-Haul truck that season was just the beginning. Combining his love of dance and travel, he spent 10 years on the road with the modern dance company MOMIX and many others. In the space of 5 years he’d visited and performed on 5 continents and over 100 countries. During his many years on the road, he was always able to find the most interesting places to eat and drink in any town. Dragging along fellow company members in his adventures earned him the nickname “Map Man” and he gained a trusted loyal following willing to share in his quests for adventure just off the beaten path. It was this international production experience and love of dance that ultimately led him to cruise ships and producing the largest LGBT parties on the seven seas. In fact, John has produced over 100 charter events with a diverse range of companies from Coachella and The Groove Cruise to Atlantis/RSVP. For John, email john@myvacaya.com. Follow John on Insta @ john_finen.

John FinenJohn FinenJohn FinenJohn FinenJohn FinenJohn Finen

Our Family

There’s a talented tribe of individuals who help us bring VACAYA to life on a daily basis. They’re our vacation planners, our creative team, and our finance team. Their collective efforts truly reflect our vision of diversity, inclusion, and fun. Among them are sales agents, designers, bookkeepers, photographers, and videographers, each lending their creativity, artistry, and know-how to breathe life into VACAYA. Their amazing work helps connect us together, open our minds, and unify our rhythm. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them.

Johanna Pscodna

“Travel... be adventurous and experience it ALL!!” is Johanna’s mantra heading into her life as a newly retired 49 year old elementary school principal. She grew up in Michigan with an athletic and adventurous family traveling around the United States to various tournaments, sporting events, and family vacations in their 32-foot Cruise Air motorhome. She's travelled across the US and visited 47 states, along with Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Johanna especially enjoys traveling with family and friends and taking the lead as the unofficial “tour guide." She and her wife, Jennifer, recently found the love of traveling abroad as they explored Ireland, the Netherlands, and England. Now that she's retired, they're looking forward to traveling more... whether by kayak, jetski, cruise ship, plane, or their future RV. Jo thrives on entertaining others through her vivacious, charismatic, and fun-spirited personality. She often makes light of herself and has dreamed of being in the spotlight as a professional entertainer. However, lacking vocal talent makes that a challenge, but you'll have to judge for yourself at our karaoke. Jo has a contagious smile that will draw you in and a personality that lights up every room. She will surely brighten your day! Follow Jo on Facebook @ johanna.pscodna.    


Jeff is a recently retired elementary school teacher and principal of over 33 years and calls Michigan home. It's Jeff's passion for travel that brought him to VACAYA. He is READY for the new adventures ahead! Some of his favorite destinations include Palm Springs, Toronto, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Sedona, Las Vegas, and Puerto Vallarta. As a singer, he's performed in cabaret and stage productions in Michigan, Chicago, and New York and is known to belt a Broadway show tune at the drop of a hat! Jeff is an avid runner and loves his time at the gym and with the gay men’s volleyball league in Michigan. Travel, singing, and volleyball are great, of course, but nothing beats his love for his fur baby Murphy! Follow Jeff on Facebook at @ jeffreydrewno.

Kevin DeKimpe

Kevin is a performer, composer, and visual artist in various mediums. He likes to say he “picked up the VACAYA videography torch from Matt Palazzolo and hopes to do him proud on the VACAYA video team." And that he has. Kevin loves working to showcase the Vacayans on these gorgeous getaways through video. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and then ran to East Los Angeles (which he now considers home) to be immersed in the LA art scene. In California, he and his merry group of friends put on queer interactive art shows around Los Angeles. To learn more about Kevin, visit his website at www.kevindekimpe.com and follow him on Insta @ fatrubberducky.

Gabriel Goldberg

Gabriel is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. He shoots advertising, editorial, and celebrities and constantly says to his subjects “Just one more!” before shooting at least ten more images. Before he took up photography, Gabriel was the founding Editor in Chief of Instinct magazine (remember magazines?!), but he will only correct your grammar if you ask nicely. Shooting for VACAYA is a dream because it mixes his love of travel with meeting fantastic new people from all over the world, and the camera gives him an excuse to meet and interact with each and every guest onboard the ship or at the resort. He loves the inclusivity of community VACAYA stands for and can’t wait to shove his lens in your face on the next trip. If you’d like to see his work, visit his website at www.GabrielGoldberg.com or follow him on Insta at @ g2fotog (family friendly) or @ hollywood_bruisers (the stuff you probably wanna look at).

Lauren Benson

With 18 years experience in her field, Lauren is a seasoned financial professional. She currently operates a tax preparation and financial services firm in Warwick, Rhode Island and handles all things money with VACAYA. Travel, however, is her real passion. Owning her own business allows her to steal time for the many adventures she's well known for among friends and family. Throughout the years, she's ticked off 49 states (looking at you, Alaska!), and an impressive range of countries and destinations in all corners of the world. Lauren is excited to be a part of the VACAYA team and can’t wait to continue exploring and experiencing the world in years to come. Follow Lauren on Insta @ lpetrarca1.


As Trevor‘s mom would say, "he’s always had a zest for life." And traveling is no exception! Although growing up in a low income single-parent household made it difficult for him to see the world, through various summer programs, his mom did an amazing job of making sure he was able to see many parts of the country in his formative years. A dual Canadian-American citizen, Trevor learned from a very early age that while traveling is extremely fun, it's also educational and vital for one's growth. This is one of the many reasons he's so proud to be a part of the VACAYA family. Though Trevor has traveled for work both behind and in front of the camera on various movies/television shows, as well as modeled around the world, and even toured with his boyband, he's never taken more pride in his work travels than those he's had with his VACAYA family. Working on the media team allows him to learn about and see the world all while uplifting the queer voices and the communities in the places we visit on our travels together. Please say hello when you see Trevor parading around in his fabulous out-and-proud fashions while on your trip (he is an EMMY nominated costume designer after all) and if you need to borrow an outfit for a dance, don’t be shy! Just like us, these clothes don’t need to stay in the closet! Reach out to Trevor through his website TrevorDow.com or find him on social media @ trevordow or through his music @ lymbzmusic.

The Vacayans

Each VACAYA trip is supported by a group of paid staffers affectionately called “The Vacayans.” This warm and friendly mix of gentlemen and ladies are a bit less Star Trek than their name might imply, but they are stars, nonetheless. They play the role of the ultimate camp counselors, there to ensure each and every moment of your vacation exceeds expectations. We’ll introduce your trip-specific Vacayans online shortly before we depart – giving you a chance to connect with them in advance. You’ll then meet them face-to-face on the first day of your trip. They’ll be ever present throughout your journey with us – ready to lend a hand in a moment of need, sensing and responding to everything going on around you, and adding to the general merriment (and occasional silliness) that is VACAYA.

Tracy Terrill

For 18 years, 3 months, and 20 days Tracy dreamed of a world bigger than the one he knew. Tracy grew up in Boron, California, a remote mining town in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Boron doesn’t have traffic lights, has a population of less than 1000 people, and is 35 miles from the nearest grocery store. Tracy’s mother would often highlight AAA travel guides with dream trips. After considerable saving, Tracy and his mother embarked on a life-changing three-week vacation around the United States to celebrate his 14th birthday.  As a boy who always knew he was “different,” that vacation introduced Tracy to an entirely new world of possibilities. Life beyond Boron was full of complexity, diversity, and beauty. He returned from that vacation with a predisposition to ask, “why not?” and to reach further than he ever dreamed possible. Tracy particularly treasures two photos from that trip. The first is of himself and his mother in the heart of the French Quarter. The second is Tracy standing in front of the White House fence. 14-year-old Tracy could never have imagined that one day he would work on the other side of that fence, for the first African-American President of the United States, as an openly gay man.

Tracy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. Early in his career, he held various marketing and technology leadership positions with Universal Music Group, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers. Tracy spent nearly a decade as the Chief Technology Officer of LegalZoom and most recently served in the Obama Administration as the Chief Digital Officer of the Small Business Administration. Follow Tracy on Insta @ tracy.terrill.

Jennifer Eaglin

Jennifer is thrilled to join The Vacayans. Born in Detroit, Michigan, as a young girl Jennifer moved around the state many times with her family. It was living in northern Michigan that provided unlimited outdoor experiences. Her summers were spent on Torch Lake swimming or tubing behind the family pontoon boat, climbing the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and hiking in the woods. During the long winters, she spent time downhill skiing, snowmobiling, and sitting fireside with friends. At the age of 18, she experienced her first Caribbean cruise, and it was this trip that inspired her to create a travel bucket list. Jennifer graduated from Michigan State University, earned her master’s degree, and has been an educator for 25+ years. She is passionate about learning and challenging herself to experience all life has to offer. Although the school calendar dictates when vacations can occur, she and her wife, Johanna, an elementary school principal, are determined to find time to travel somewhere new every year. They have cruised to Alaska three times, the Caribbean, Mexico, and have wonderful memories of their time spent on the beaches in the Dominican Republic, dancing in the streets of New Orleans and Puerto Vallarta,  visiting the pubs in Dublin,  relaxing on the patio of their houseboat in Amsterdam, touring the castles in London, and most recently hiking the mountains in glorious Palm Springs, CA. She and Jo are preparing to explore a new continent soon, as they plan their trip to Taiwan and Thailand this November. This flirty, fun, spontaneous Gemini is looking forward to meeting you and hopefully dancing with you to the wee hours of the morning! She's ready to step away from her teaching role and provide you with a VACAYA trip of a lifetime! Follow Jennifer on Facebook @ jennifereaglin.

Ronnie Jones Jr.

Ronnie has traveled the world over as a flight attendant. And as a veteran of over 20 all-gay cruises, he’s thrilled to witness the evolution in inclusivity with VACAYA. Born and raised in Ohio, Ronnie entered the travel industry right out of college and set off exploring the world. His first trip abroad was to Berlin, Germany in 2004 to celebrate his 30th Birthday. That trip was definitely an eye opener to new experiences! Since then, Ronnie has traveled far and wide, including seeing the Opera House in Sydney, the Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza, and has sailed through the Panama Canal... twice! Living in Fort Lauderdale (cruise ship central), Ronnie has countless opportunities to cruise as often as possible, exploring new places, meeting new people, and sailing on all the latest and greatest cruise ships in the industry. Considered a “founder” at JetBlue Airways (going on 20 years), Ronnie enjoys everything pertaining to the customer service experience and loves being around people. When at work, he always makes it his goal to connect with as many customers as possible, ensuring they have a fantastic travel experience.

Ronnie is an accomplished musician, playing both violin and clarinet in the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, and singing with The Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida. In his spare time, Ronnie enjoys riding rollercoasters, skydiving, theater, music, trying his hand as an amateur DJ, and basking in the warm South Florida sun. Not a shy guy at all, Ronnie will always approach you with an open mind, a warm hug and a big smile, which comes naturally to him since he loves to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. Ronnie is VACAYA. Follow him on Insta @ TopDawgFLL.

Timothy Pappalardo

Tim is INCREDIBLY EXCITED to be a Vacayan! He hails from New York and grew up near the Port Jefferson Ferry, which takes passengers across the Long Island Sound to Bridgeport, CT. Tim credits those early ferry rides in fostering his love and excitement for travel and for being on the open seas. Before 2001, he never stepped foot off American soil, only ever really traveling to Green Valley, AZ and Pompano Beach, FL to visit his grandparents. But that all changed in 2005. Tim became the Event Manager for a non-profit called GLSEN (which works in safe-schools legislation and community engagement), managed 25 events a year, and began his career as a “Professional Traveler." Since then, Tim has traveled across the US and visited 35 states, Canada, Mexico, the US and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru, UK, Portugal, Madrid, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, and Taiwan! When not supporting VACAYA, Tim is the Founder of Located, a brand new hotel site selection and contracting services company, supporting a variety of clients and programs. He enjoys playing the piano and singing, and is proud to be in his 8th season performing as an actor at the Metropolitan Opera (The MET) in New York City! Follow Tim on Insta @ timothypappalardo


Alysse Dalessandro is a queer plus size fashion and travel blogger and influencer for the brand, Ready to Stare. Alysse has loved travel since her parents strapped her in for her first cross-country road trip as a baby. From summer beach destinations to historic tours, Alysse grew up traveling all over the US. As a college junior, Alysse crossed the pond for the first time to study abroad in Rome where she used her time wisely to visit 15 new cities and 9 countries. She has since accomplished her first big travel goal of visiting the eight hometowns of her great-grandparents across Italy and Sicily. Next up, she wants to visit every state in the US before she hits 40. At 40 states visited, she's only got ten more to go! Though her work as a blogger and influencer started with a focus on fashion, Alysse realized the need for more plus-size queer female voices in travel and she began writing about her experience traveling at the crossroads of those identities. She's happy to bring that passion for making travel more inclusive to The Vacayans. And don't worry - Alysse still LOVES fashion and you can catch her giving the boys a run for their money on any costume night. You can reach out to Alysse through her website www.readytostare.com or find her on Insta @ ReadyToStare.

Steve Nardoni

Before joining VACAYA, Steve was last on a cruise ship in the early 1980s. He remembers his excitement of leaving New York harbor, and then being at sea heading to Nassau in the Bahamas. Growing up in New Jersey, Steve was weaned on the Jersey Shore and has a special affinity for the ocean and its beaches. A seasoned sailor, Steve has owned two sailboats and has sailed in Long Island Sound with the Knickerbocker Sailing Association (a New York-based LGBTQ group) as well as chartered sailboats in Italy, Greece, Croatia, and the British Virgin Islands. He's also traveled to Canada, Puerto Rico, Englandand France and is now planning a trip to Sicily. Steve has been in New York City for almost 40 years, and has had the joy of living in one of the greatest vacation destinations in the world. New York for Steve is the best living room ever, because right outside that front door, one can be in Times Square, Greenwich Village, Harlem, or Brooklyn in mere moments, tasting the flavor of a city that has so much to offer. Follow Steve on Facebook @ steve.nardoni.

Justin Sprague

Justin grew up in the scorching hot deserts of Arizona soaking up the sun next to the pool and daydreaming of where he could travel next. In college (Go Sun Devils!), he discovered the crossroads of spontaneity and travel, planning quick weekend trips to California or last minute flights across the country to visit friends. And now that passion for travel has gone international! Living on the East Coast, he’s only a hop, skip, and a jump across the pond from Europe or a short plane ride away from his beloved Florida and the Caribbean. He’s got a hard case of FOMO when it comes to travel, so he’s always looking for that next adventure. He can’t wait to share that enthusiasm with fellow wanderlust travelers as a Vacayan! Follow Justin on Insta @ prezjustin.


David traces his love of travel to the big blue station wagon his family (mother, father, three older brothers, and his younger sister) used to road-trip to Chicago every summer. Although he prefers other modes of transportation these days, he still loves to travel to places whose names he can’t pronounce. (Hey, he was seven!) David is grateful to his longtime friend Randle for fanning the flames of travel desire by inviting him to join the teams at Atlantis, RSVP, and now VACAYA. By the time we set sail in August, David will be working with Broadway United Church of Christ on Manhattan’s Upper West Side supporting the work of Rev. Dr. Michael Piazza, with whom he has been a partner in ministry for the last 17 years, including at the world’s largest predominantly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender church. A former professional dancer, David is also a (sometimes) actor who you may have seen in a small role in the recent film The Best of Enemies, starring Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell. Follow David on Insta @ DBillyP (a nickname from college, which you are welcome to call him!)


When asked at the age of 8 what he wanted to do when he grew up. Yendor replied, "Live in New York!!" Well, he never moved to New York, but clearly wanted to travel before even understanding what a job or career would be. He currently lives in Los Angeles, but is from "Big D'," Dallas, Texas. Yendor holds a Bachelor's Degree from Texas Christian University (TCU) in Human Relations. He currently works as a musician and is a self-produced Chillhop artist with a few albums out on streaming platforms. He's also working towards becoming a drug and alcohol counselor. Yendor thrives in a sea of strangers and is no stranger to travel. He had an amazing opportunity to travel to Europe before the pandemic and has lived in Dallas, Chicago, Boston and now LA. These various cultural experiences have deepened his ability to connect with different types of people and has expanded a true authentic love to know and understand everyone's story. Everyone has a story. He believes, "We are all spiritual beings having a human experience." Follow Yendor on Insta @ yendorreese.

Richard Graham

Meet Richard! He's beyond excited to join The Vacayans! Richard grew up in a rural farm town in upstate South Carolina at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. During his childhood, his family rarely ventured further than a couple hours from their hometown, but Richard knew he wanted to explore and see new places. As one of the first members of his family to attend college, he chose to relocate to a different, coastal environment. Living away from home for the first time, the passion for learning and experiencing different places, people, and cultures really took hold. Beginning with a school-related trip to California and visiting a friend in NYC, Richard began finding opportunities to travel throughout the U.S. and then eventually international. Today, he's fortunate to live in Washington, DC, a cultural hub for the U.S., and an epicenter of domestic and international travel opportunities! Follow Richard on Insta @ instagraham_dca.


Julie spent the majority of her adult life as an educator, coach, and mentor. Retiring only three short years ago, she continues to find herself teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Maybe it's true that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Julie brings energy and laughter to everything she does and loves to sprinkle joy everywhere she goes. When asked where her favorite vacation spot is, she says anywhere “on, in, or near water” (snow counts too!). As a lifetime Michigander, her heart belongs to the Great Lakes. Some of her favorite memories involve camping, hiking, skiing, boating, enjoying sunsets over Lake Michigan, and watching the Northern Lights on Lake Superior. While her world revolves around her four-leggeds, her wife, and her daughter, she will move heaven and earth to spend some quality time with her beloved Cher! You can be sure to find Julie wherever there is sun, water, good music, and good friends.


Melvin, a native of Central America's smallest country, El Salvador, is excited to join The Vacayans. From the age of 15, he's called Texas home. It's in the Lone Star State where he's spent his career in the aviation industry, which brought he and his husband together 14 years ago. Melvin and Derick are parents to Orville and Wilbur; named after the Wright brothers for their travel passion. Melvin has traveled all around the world, including Australia, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Romania, Greece, and on and on. When you run into Melvin on one of our trips, be sure to ask him about his favorite destinations! He is ready to get this party started and ready to help make your VACAYA vacation one to remember forever! You can follow Melvin on Insta @ Persolatinboi and on Facebook @ Mlvnpnd.

Ryan Swisher

Ryan was born and raised in a tiny town in West Virginia. From a very early age, he developed a love and passion for traveling and considers himself to be a diversity addict. He took his love for travel and put it toward a career in which he could truly connect. He currently works in the hotel industry as a front desk associate, assisting guests and helping create amazing experiences. With multiple cruises under his belt, Ryan is very excited to join The Vacayans. He’s determined to travel all over the world, experiencing all the beauty it has to offer. Ryan will tell you he’s much more extroverted than a normal human being and he looooooves to talk, meet new people, and isn’t shy about sharing his story. In October 2018 after graduating college with a bachelor’s in Business Management, Ryan made the biggest decision of his life so far, packing everything he owned in his car and leaving the only home he’d ever known to move to Orlando. Ryan is Orlando’s newest up-and-coming drag queen and can’t wait to bring his art form onboard and to eventually make a career out of it. We know you’ll fall head over heels for this rising star and he’s beyond excited to make lasting memories with each and every VACAYA guest. Follow Ryan on Insta @ ryan_e_s.


Justice loves traveling the world. He's been doing so since 5th grade. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he’s made his way through New Mexico, Arizona, and now resides in the Lone Star State of Texas! He currently works in the field of addiction treatment, and is the operations manager for an outpatient facility in San Antonio. He has an absolute passion for helping others and bringing smiles to faces everywhere he goes. Justice loves to make new friends and sharing his art of drag with the world. Follow Justice on Insta @ Justice.Simmons.507 or jazminediamondfillups.

Aaron Kuehnert

Meet Aaron, or as we like to call him, Daddy Delta. Between his time in the Disney College program and sashaying down the runway with Delta airlines, Aaron is an experienced sailor of the gay seas and can't wait to expand his LGBT+ horizons! With years of bringing fun under the sun, Aaron is super excited to be able to deliver some of that first class service as a Vacayan. If you don’t know Aaron, then you don’t yet know that if it’s fun and flirty, it MUST have his name on it... kind of like that husband of his, Kevin (also a Vacayan)! It’s always a good time when The Kuehnerts are around. From competitive axe throwing to playing with elephants in Thailand, these boys are always up to something. Aaron is more than ready to ditch the apron, dust off the ol' speedo, and bring you a vacation experience like you’ve never had before! Follow Aaron on Insta @ akuehnert.

Kevin Kuehnert

Uh oh... here comes trouble! Meet Kevin, who's SUPER excited to be a Vacayan! And if having Kevin wasn’t enough, he's joined by his devilishly handsome husband, Aaron. So don’t miss the opportunity to hang and party with this dynamic duo! When they aren't out kayaking or cheering on the Orlando City Soccer Club, they're crossing off yet another travel destination from their bucket list. Like Aaron, you can find Kevin at 39,000 feet attending the friendly skies, but don’t let those looks fool you... while Kevin is a Flight Attendant for Spirit Airlines, he's recently earned his Masters of Public Administration degree from the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!). Follow Kevin on Insta @ thekuehnerts.

Chase McCall

Chase is so excited to be part of VACAYA! He's fortunate enough to have chosen a career that has allowed him to travel quite extensively all over the world. A current New York resident, he just finished the 20th Anniversary International Touring Production of RENT. Last summer the show took him to the Far East where he got to to spend ample amounts of time in China, Tokyo, and Thailand. The best week of his life was a week-long volunteer program at an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. Chase also worked a couple years on cruise ships as a singer doing Caribbean, Mediterranean, New England, and Alaska itineraries. Chase is so ready to make new friends and create memories that'll last a lifetime with VACAYA! Follow Chase on Insta @ chase.mccall.

In Memoriam

Matt Palazzolo

In our earliest days, there was one individual who helped bring VACAYA roaring to vibrant and brilliant life. His name was Matt Palazzolo. Matt was an extraordinary light in a world which needs millions more like him. Kind. Gentle. Charismatic. Passionate. An advocate. An artist.

Matt died in January 2018 doing what he loved best – exploring this incredible planet of ours. He lived and breathed discovery. And he happily joined the VACAYA team because he could sense that same thirst for adventure within us. Matt’s final life works were VACAYA’s brand video and the video supporting our ReachOUT program. When we first explained VACAYA’s mission to Matt, he immediately understood us. He saw the vision and completely comprehended the story we were attempting to tell. His works were vital to our early success and we miss him every day. We make this promise to you, Matt… you will never be forgotten, and your spirit will live on within each of us as VACAYA strives to change the world one kindhearted act at a time. Meow.