Cruise Life

A VACAYA cruise represents the very core of who we strive to be as a community – blissful, limitless, open-minded, welcoming, warm, and friendly.
In one word, it’s UTOPIA. A chance to expand, to laugh, and to connect with everyone and everything around you. It’s sensual, freeing, life changing, and unifying.
The freedom of being on the open water is like no other – warm winds, countless stars, endless horizons. Find your bliss out here.
The Entire Ship
is Ours

Whether it’s a large-ship cruise in the Caribbean or a luxury rivership in Europe, VACAYA charters the entire vessel. That allows us to fully customize the itinerary and to create bespoke 24/7 entertainment and social activities that are the perfect fit for the LGBT+ community.

Free to Be
You and Me

ALL are welcome here, no matter where you fall on the wide spectrum of identities. VACAYA’s inviting environment is built on the culture of “love is love.”

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Get Away
to Utopia

Favorite and exotic destinations. Welcoming friends. Endless connections. Non-stop fun. Perfect bliss.

Find yours.

From Broadway to Bravo!

World-class LGBT and gay-friendly entertainment abounds with VACAYA’s signature stable of stars. We’ll announce our entertainment programming months in advance, and with everything from online Q&As to pop-up concerts, we’ll give you a chance to connect with our stars in new and exciting ways!

Dinner is served at whatever o’clock

Whenever and with whomever, dining with VACAYA is on your schedule. You’ll always have options available to you nearly around the clock. From farm-to-table selections to quick grab-and-go favorites, the choice is yours. Just come hungry!

Inhale, Exhale, Relax!

Imagine… your vacation is actually a vacation. You’ll have the chance to relax and rejuvenate in unexpected ways. Here at VACAYA, we recognize that relaxation starts with knowing all the important information you need to know about your travels with us. Expect clear, timely, and concise communication throughout your VACAYA experience. Our goal is for you to be able to ease into your vacation without any stress. Are you ready to VACAYA?

VACAYA Differences
Connect. Celebrate. Recharge. Together!

Whether you come with friends or come by yourself, you’re now part of a whole new family.

Single Travelers
Cruise with a Conscience

VACAYA’s ReachOUT program gives you the chance to connect in new and more meaningful ways by helping the communities we visit.

Giving Back

It’s a simple formula, really. VACAYA gives you the absolute best vacation at the absolute best price.

<p>Let  the Sea<br />
Set You Free</p>

Let  the Sea
Set You Free