VACAYA has been given life through true community investment and commitment to our success. Many men and women have come together to fund our efforts, and the outpouring of support has been monumental. That support speaks volumes about the LGBT+ community’s desire to finally have a choice in large-scale vacations. VACAYA delivers on that hunger and our Founder’s Club will help us soar even higher.

Meeting our initial fundraising goals has allowed us to launch a varied list of Season 1 programs and we’re already starting to line up Season 2 (2020), with never-before-visited destinations. As we head toward Season 2 and beyond, a limited opportunity to invest in VACAYA remains.

If you share the VACAYA spirit and are equally excited about all that lies ahead, we’d love to have you with us. And in addition to your return on investment, you’ll also receive a host of Founder’s Club benefits, including everything from complimentary V List and Breeze access to cruise/resort discounts and more.

To join our Founder’s Club as an investor, please email and we’ll have one of our founders reach out to share the opportunity!