VACAYA 401: The Social Contract

We understand reading terms and conditions for purchases you make online is a drag, but they’re a necessity. After all, by signing off on them, you’re legally agreeing to everything contained in them. But there’s really more to booking with VACAYA than our terms and conditions. You purchasing a vacation from us is as much of a Social Contract as a legal one – an agreement among the members of our community to cooperate for the social benefit of all involved.

Here’s what VACAYA signs up for:

  • We hold your personally-selected room from the moment you book it, whether you pay in full or choose to pay over time, interest free.
  • We work tirelessly to monitor CDC, WHO, and cruise line policies, but we only publish health and safety protocols 30 days from departure. We do this because you’d lose your mind if you were inundated with the constantly-changing policies – policies that could change even after that 30-day mark. So we do all that for you.
  • We have an obligation to operate every charter event that’s safe to do so for the guests who adapt to live and continue their travel plans. Following protocols (like being vaccinated or wearing a mask) does not constitute a reason for us not to fulfill our contractual obligation to the cruise line/resort company or to guests who’ve booked and still wish to travel. Nor does that make them or us bad people. We trust science and recognize it’s an ever-evolving learning curve.
  • In the event you choose to cancel and wish to avoid fees, we go over and above to help you find a replacement, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility.
  • Above all, we will do what is right for our guests.

Here’s your side of the social contract:

  • Understand that we’re not like other travel companies where you have to kick and scream on social media to get someone to hear you and act. We’re always listening, we’ll always respond, and we’ll always do everything we can within reason to reinforce that you’ve put your trust in the right vacation company. No yelling or accusing necessary.
  • Understand the distinct benefits of Travel Insurance – guest-initiated cancellation, trip interruption, medical coverage, and heath evacuation – and invest in it.
  • If you choose not to attend a booked vacation, it’s still your responsibility until a replacement is found by you, by us, or your travel agent. But ultimately, the responsibility is yours.
  • Understand that if you wish to sell your room, it takes time. So patience is required. And yes, there’s even a possibility you may need to offer a lower price than what you paid in order to make it appealing for someone to buy it from you.
  • The highest demand for staterooms happens at launch and as such, we ask that you respect fellow travelers by really only booking vacations you’re ultimately likely to take.
  • And we’ll repeat this, because it’s worth repeating… even if you choose not to read our terms and conditions, they’re still a legally-binding agreement and you’re responsible for all provisions.




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