BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Launching New Trips
By Randle Roper


Many have asked, “How exactly does VACAYA announce the launch of new trips? What’s the process?”

It’s such a great question and we’re happy to share all the details in our new BEHIND THE CURTAIN series.

The launch of each new VACAYA trip starts with a tease (and a LOT of excitement in our offices)!

  • Three days before we launch sales to Alumni, you’ll get your first peek! It happens in our social media channels when we post a portion of the trip’s iconic image (Insider Info: we call those “Trip Tiles”). No words. Just the first pic. You’ll miss that first tease, of course, if you don’t follow us on Facebook or Instagram
  • Concurrently, we privately start sales to our Founder’s Club Members. We use this 48-hour window to test all of our systems, making sure everything is working as close to perfection as possible.
  • On Day 2, the tease continues… with the second image from the vacation’s Trip Tile posted throughout social media.
  • On Day 3, the final Trip Tile image, which details the name, dates, and GPS coordinates of the trip, is released. Shortly after, our Alumni receive an email from us with their official access to the trip’s private webpages. Alumni are finally able to book!
  • Typically, our exclusive Alumni sales window lasts anywhere from 3-5 days, depending on the size of the trip. As you’ve seen with our last few releases, the booking happens fast and furiously right out of the gate. So after you’ve taken the time to consider your options, we recommend booking quickly to ensure you get exactly what you want. Otherwise and sadly, you’ll miss out.
  • Once that exclusive Alumni booking window closes, the webpages for the trip “go live” and are now accessible to all when visiting At that point, everyone on our eNewsletter List (you can sign up HERE) receives an email from us announcing the trip. Then, we’re off to the races… our General Public sales have begun and another VACAYA trip is well on its way to selling out!




  1. This is awesome! You are doing one hell of a job! I have been in the travel business for 38 years!

  2. I like what you’re doing here, and i can’t wait to join one day!
    I do have one question: can you explain this further for me, please?
    “Guests over 18 but below 21 years must travel with a companion over the age of 25, staying in the same room.”

    Thanks! I wish there were more sites liek yours!

    • Hello, James Paul. Happy to explain… this is a cruise line rule. It’s a little like having to be 25 to rent a car. It’s a strange rule, we think, but one that’s been around for quite a while. 18-20 year olds can only book a room with someone who is 25 or older. In other words, two 19 year olds couldn’t book in the same room. Two 21-year-olds could, however. Just writing this reply reminds us how silly it must seem on its surface from your perspective. Happy to chat about it further by phone if you’d ever like. Our office number is 718.504.0404. Hope to be able to welcome you soon! ❤️

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