Choose Your Own Adventure

All of us here at VACAYA consider ourselves imaginative types, to be sure. But we also recognize that tapping into the creative juices of our entire community allows us to break free from our own limitations in thought. While we often try to imagine ourselves as omnipotent gods of gay culture and fabulousness, we understand the value of embracing our guests’ input as we shape each and every VACAYA experience. And we want to hear from you!

So how can you contribute your creativity to shape the VACAYA experience?

During your pre-cruise/pre-resort experience, we’ll engage with you on two important topics that will shape your overall vacation – our CYOA Party and our charitable initiatives.

The theme for one of our biggest parties of the week will be chosen by our guests. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • About 4 months before your vacation, we’ll announce all of the party themes EXCEPT ONE. That final party theme will be chosen by YOU. We’ll send a notice to all guests that theme ideas are being accepted through a provided online link.
  • After all the ideas have come in, The Vacayans will choose the Top Five finalists – the top themes that work best with our existing party lineup.
  • Once the Top Five finalists have been selected, we’ll send out a final link where all guests traveling on that particular program get to vote on the winning theme.
  • We’ll announce the winning Party Theme about a month before your vacation, still plenty of time to create that show-stopping look.

As part of VACAYA’s philanthropic work within the LGBT community, we will solicit your input for our Cabins for Causes program. You’ll have the opportunity to help us select a worthy organization that’s doing amazing work to make the world a better place for LGBTs. That organization will be awarded a cabin or a room on an upcoming VACAYA program to use for their fundraising efforts.

To learn more, visit

Do you have a favorite performer or crazy group experience you think would be perfect on one of our trips? Well, speak up! Send us the 411: that horrible cellphone video you shot at the show while you were drunk (just review it first to make sure it really was as life-changing as you remember), a local review, a link to their fan site, or even their home phone number! We just need something concrete to work from.

Your thoughts/ideas can be sent to If it might make a good addition to our entertainment line-up, we will track down that entertainer and see if we can make it workon a future event. (btw, it’s pretty unlikely we could get Britney, Cher, Madonna, or Lady Gaga to come perform for us on a ship, but maybe if you all just believe really really hard, the power of positive gay thinking… NO, not happening! Haha). Just keep it real.

Finally, from time to time and after every vacation, we will send you a brief (significantly shorter than a loan application or online dating profile) survey to get your thoughts and ideas for future travel destinations and general feedback. We really will read all of them (and laugh amongst ourselves at some of your crazy ideas), but more importantly, we’ll act on your feedback to keep VACAYA at the forefront of LGBT+ travel. That is the spirit of VACAYA.



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