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Living it up in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is widely known for its party scene and nightlife, and it’s where we’ll be meeting in December 2019 for our Christmas Market Cruises. Since we’ll be spending a bit of time in Amsterdam before we depart, here are a few bars, cafés, and clubs we like in Holland’s capital. We can’t wait to explore them with you!

A booth inside Queens Head bar in Amsterdam

Credit: Queen’s Head Bar

Queen’s Head (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Located at the edge of Amsterdam’s famous red light district, the Queen’s Head is one of Amsterdam’s oldest gay bars and is still going strong!

Read Chad E.‘s review of Queen’s Head on Yelp

The sign outside Spijker Bar with a rainbow flag

Credit: Spijker/Facebook


Spijker Bar (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Spijker Bar is the oldest, friendliest, and most attitude-free gay bar in Amsterdam! They’ve served the gay community since 1978. It’s a cozy bar, popular with a mix of local residents and visitors. Highlights include alternative music, pool table, traditional pinball, fireplace, and two TVs, one showing cartoons and the other showing gay action movies. Read Leif A.‘s review of Spijker Bar on Yelp

Behind the bar at Saarein Bar in Amsterdam

Credit: Saarein

Café Saarein (⭐⭐⭐.5)

Café Saarein is one of the few original bruine kroegen left in Amsterdam with an early twentieth century interior. In 1978, a group of ten women formed a collective and took over the café from Saar and Rein. This set the base for Amsterdam’s infamous women’s café Saarein. In 1999, Dia took over the café and Saarein is now open for all “queer minded people.” Music, playing pool, and flirting are the main ingredients of this small and cozy café situated in the old picturesque part of town, close to all central amenities.

Read Andrew C.‘s review of Cafe Saarein on Yelp

A lively scene outside Prik Bar in Amsterdam

Credit: Prik


Prik (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Prik has been serving Amsterdam since 14 July 2006. On their menu you’ll find yummy snacks and surprising drinks – with or without a little prik (prik means bubbles in Dutch). You’ll love their wide range of cocktails, wines, and Prik-wine (Prosecco) on tap! Their prices are friendly, too, so you can always try something new if you’re feeling adventurous! Read Gianguido G.‘s review of Prik on Yelp

A view of the dance floor at chUrch in Amsterdam

Credit: chUrch

chUrch (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Take me to chUrch, Amsterdam’s premier cruise club since 2008! chUrch is not just a gay cruise club, it’s also a safe and sexy space for many marginalized (sexual) groups, transcending the traditional boundaries of fetish subculture. They currently host more than 15 different theme parties catering to a wide range of fetishes. They’re home to drag queens, transgender people, queers and freaks, straights, bdsm’ers, and both locals and visitors. In the age of social media and Grindr, the popularity of chUrch shows that people still need to gather to see, hear, smell, and touch each other in uncensored public spaces. Visit this one-of-a-kind house of worship, with services held every day from Tuesday to Sunday!

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