Private Social Group Formation Policies

Private Social Group Formation 

While we believe the VACAYA LGBTQ+ Super Fan Group is an ideal outlet for discussion and community building, we recognize some of you may still want to connect in private social groups of your own. That’s understandable. However, there are a few things you’ll want to consider (beyond the complexities we’ve laid out in our Moving Away From Facebook blog) that will help you remain in good standing with VACAYA if you choose to launch your own social group:

  • Obviously, we’re thrilled to have enthusiastic fans, and we want to make sure everyone enjoys their time in the community. To keep things transparent, please include the following in your group bio: “This group is not affiliated with VACAYA. Any views contained herein do not represent the views of the company.”
  • Do not use icons (for example, ✅) that might mislead people to believe you’re officially representing VACAYA.
  • Do not use VACAYA trademarks, including but not limited to the name “VACAYA,” the VACAYA logo, or any other associated branding elements in the title, description, or images of the group. This policy applies to all forms of social media and online communities.


The Reasons For This Policy

  • Brand Integrity and Consistency: The VACAYA brand promises quality, inclusivity, and unique LGBTQ+ travel experiences. Unauthorized trademark use can create inconsistencies and mislead people, so we aim to ensure a clear and consistent understanding of our brand and values.
  • Legal Considerations: Unauthorized use of trademarks can lead to legal issues. This policy is in place to protect both VACAYA and its guests from any potential legal complications related to intellectual property rights.
  • Customer Experience: By ensuring that all official communications and communities are managed by VACAYA, we can provide a consistent and high-quality customer experience. This way, guests receive accurate information and support directly from The V Team, ensuring needs are met effectively.


Suggestions for Personal Group Titles

While guests are encouraged to connect with fellow travelers, they must do so without using the VACAYA name. Here are some alternative suggestions for naming personal groups:

  • “Queer Travel Buddies”
  • “Rainbow Voyagers”
  • “2025 Caribbean Cruise Group – Cruise Dates”
  • “Gay Men’s Cruisers Group”

These titles allow people to create meaningful and identifiable groups without infringing on VACAYA’s trademarks. By respecting this policy, guests help protect the integrity of the VACAYA brand and contribute to a positive, unified community experience.



  1. Communication: This policy will be communicated to all guests through our social media, website, and other guest communications.
  2. Monitoring: VACAYA will monitor social media platforms and online communities to ensure compliance with our stated policies.
  3. Enforcement: Groups found in violation of this policy will be requested to change their name and/or remove any VACAYA trademarks. Non-compliance may result in legal action.

By adhering to this policy, you support the continued success and integrity of VACAYA, ensuring a clear, cohesive, and high-quality experience for all.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or would like us to weigh in on any decision, simply email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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