AUGUST 11-18, 2019

Our journey to Ptown Carnival begins in:


The Vacayans are hard at work planning each and every detail of our premiere cruise. And of course, we’re super excited to share many of those details with you along the way. As we have new information to share, you’ll find it here.

We’ll also house an email archive on this page, too. This archive will feature all the trip-specific communications we have with you throughout your pre-cruise experience with us. That way, if you happen to lose a general email somewhere along the way, you’ll be able to find it right here.

And from party themes and entertainment previews to those incredibly valuable cruise line booking numbers, VACAYA’s mission is to give you everything you need with plenty of time to ensure a totally stress-free experience. Get ready for your vacaya!



US Dollars will be accepted in nearly all ports of call. Many business in Saint John will accept USD, but not all will.

If you decide to purchase Canadian Dollars, the current exchange rate is:

1 USD = 1.35 CAD

For the latest exchange rates, we recommend




US Citizens are encouraged to travel with a valid Passport, although a valid Driver License and Original Birth Certificate (with a raised seal) will suffice.

Non-US Citizens are required to have a valid Passport.

Visas are not required for US Citizens, but may be required of other nationalities. You can check the visa requirements HERE.

Guests from countries that require a visa to enter Canada MUST obtain a valid visa before leaving home. Canadian Law does not allow a guest who requires a visa to board the ship without a Canadian Visa. SPECIAL NOTE: Even if you’re told you won’t need a visa if you plan to stay on the ship in Saint John, this is NOT TRUE. If a visa is required of your nationality, you MUST have a visa even if you plan to stay on the ship.

United States Permanent Residents who possess an Alien Registration Card (Green Card) do NOT require a visa.

These travel documentation requirements are government regulations and policies. They are subject to change without notice. It is the sole responsibility of each guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents and have them available when necessary. These appropriate valid travel documents (such as passports and visas) are required for boarding, entry into other countries, and reentry into the United States.

We strongly recommend that all guests travel with a passport that’s valid for at least six (6) months beyond the end of their cruise. This greatly assists guests who may need to fly out of the United States to meet their ship at the next available port should they miss their scheduled embarkation in a U.S. port; guests entering the U.S. at the end of their cruise; and guests needing to fly to the U.S. before their cruise ends, because of medical, family, personal, or business emergencies, missing a ship’s departure from a port of call, involuntary disembarkation from a ship due to misconduct, or other reasons.

The name on your VACAYA reservation must match the name on your passport or other identification documents.

Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding the ship.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be given to individuals who are denied boarding due to improper documentation.

A special note to our Brazilian Cruisers: Canada DOES require a visa for Brazilian Citizens. So be sure to secure the appropriate tourist visa prior to the cruise. Unfortunately (and there’s literally nothing we can do to assist you on embarkation day), you will be denied boarding and we won’t be able to refund your cruise costs if you do not have the required Canadian Visa.

A note to cruisers with felony or DUI convictions: As long as there are no outstanding warrants for your arrest (you’ll need to know this key bit of information), you will not be denied boarding by Celebrity. HOWEVER, Celebrity’s Global Security Department advises ALL those with questions regarding this issue to secure clearance for travel to Canada from the Canadian Government in writing before traveling. Ultimately, the Canadian Government has final say on who they allow into their country.



DAY: With warm summer temps, shorts and T-shirts will be your best bet while in port. We do recommend bringing a light jacket, though, for cooler days and evenings.

NIGHT: VACAYA’s dress code is “Evening Chic” – smart and stylish. But what does that actually mean?

Dress pants/designer jeans, collared shirts, cocktail dresses, and skirts with a nice top fit the bill perfectly.

We never want to limit your creative freedom as far as dress is concerned, so know that there are no hard and fast rules in regard to what’s acceptable and what’s not. But here are some specific recommendations that will help you decide what’s most appropriate for Summit’s elegant and casual dining spaces throughout the evening:

  • Tank Tops in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant for dinner aren’t the best choice. Let’s be real… only a few of us (and we applaud you fetishists) would want to see a hairy armpit while enjoying filet mignon and lobster.
  • Dress Shorts are ok in Cosmopolitan Restaurant for dinner. Swimsuits are not.
  • Dress Sandals are ok in all restaurants for dinner. Flip-flops? Not so much.
  • If you’d like to keep your dress super casual for dinner, Oceanview Café provides a perfect dining choice. And flip-flops are a-ok around the clock in Oceanview.
  • Shorts and T-shirts are discouraged in the elevated dining experiences of Luminae, Blu, and Tuscan Grille.

PARTIES: Our theme parties will provide you with endless opportunities to show off your style with imaginative costumes. Just keep in mind that your penis and balls, gentlemen, and your vagina and breasts, ladies, have to be covered. But by all means don’t be afraid of the exciting world of sheer fabrics… we love them! Because Oceanview Café will be open late into the night (and we know you’re going to want a burger at 2:30am), we ask that if you’re wearing a costume that exposes your butt cheeks, that you wrap a towel around yourself while dining. Towels will be available at the entrance of the café.




For the past year, The Vacayans have searched the world over for the perfect entertainers to join us on our Inaugural Cruise. And we’ll introduce each of them to you one-by-one through mid-May. To say we’re excited about our lineup would be an understatement of epic proportion. We are THRILLED to welcome the following artists to VACAYA:



Jessica Kirson is an absolute powerhouse on stage. Her act is a hilariously relatable performance of sheer silliness, vulnerability, and ridiculous characters. Her countless comedic character videos have racked up over 30 million views on social media and now she’s all ours!

This year, you can catch Jessica playing herself on the HBO series Crashing (with Pete Holmes) and she recently served as a consultant, producer, writer, and also acted in the Robert De Niro film The Comedian. She’s appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The View, and Kevin Can Wait. She was recently awarded Best Female Comic by the MAC association in New York City and also received the prestigious Nightlife Award for Best Stand-up Comedian. In her spare time, Jessica is also a regular contributor to the Howard Stern Show.






Maine native and Comedy Cellar regular, Emma is one of the top comedians in New York City. She made her late night debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016 and has also performed standup on Fuse’s Uproarious, Seeso’s Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, The Guest Listand AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live.

In 2017, Emma had the opportunity to record a set for the CNN series The History of Comedy. You can catch Emma on the MTV International talking head series Vidiots and the web series Gay Girl Straight Girl. She has also been active on the acting side, filming an episode of Judd Apatow’s Crashing and a recurring arc on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

In addition to television, Emma has her own comedy show The Check Spot on SiriusXM and is currently the host of the hit podcast Inside The Closet available on iTunes.






Matteo is a New York-based comedian whose stand-up special can be seen on Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup. He’s also currently developing a half hour pilot at Comedy Central, and is the host of the Snapchat series We Got Issues. Matteo has performed stand up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party and The Comedy Jam, as well as HBO’s Crashing.

Fluent in five languages and with a singing range of six octaves, Matteo lived in Italy as an oil painter and opera singer before starting his comedy career.





Jason Bea Schmidt, The Dorothy

Jason lives “down the shore” in Neptune, NJ with his husband and poodle. He’s an actor, Bea Arthur impersonator, voice over talent, and member of the hilarious drag trio, The Golden Gays NYC! His Golden Girls journey began with Thank You for Being a Friend, The Musical, spurning his one “woman” show Beatrice Arthur: Astral Dame, which spurned The Golden Gays NYC. What’s next? Golden Girls: Infinity Wars?! Jason has worked alongside drag legends Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Flotilla DeBarge, and Lady Bunny in his extensive Off-Broadway, Cabaret, and Comedy Club credits.





Andy Crosten, The Blanche

Off-Broadway: Hot Flashbacks, A Golden Girls Revue
13th Street Repertory Theatre: Women Behind Bars, Triangle The Musical
Regional: Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre, The Cumberland Theatre, Hersheypark
Cabaret Theatre: Andy Darling Let’s Chat, Make America Gay Again 
Television: Broad City, Difficult People, Younger 
Other NYC appearances: The Laurie Beechman, The Duplex, The Triad, West End Lounge

Co-creator and Blanche in The Golden Gays NYC, a Golden Girls drag tribute show. The Golden Gays have played all over NYC as well as national tours. Andy’s favorite stage memory to date was playing the title role in Hedwig and The Angry Inch. BFA- Shenandoah Conservatory. Love to Mason.





Gerry Mastrolia, The Rose

Gerry hails from North Jersey, where he began entertaining in his living room at the age of 3 with Three Stooges routines. At age 9, he was introduced to Musical Theatre and began working professionally in New York at 18. He was seen on CBS’s The Couch & E! News for his work in the Off-Broadway show, Totally Tubular Time Machine, starring Deborah Gibson. He then created and starred in his debut solo cabaret show, Me, Myself & Goldie and Very Gerry, which played some of NYC’s most famous clubs – Don’t Tell Mama, Metropolitan Room, and Paul Colby’s The Bitter End. He cofounded Four’s a Crowd Productions on Vimeo and The Golden Gays NYC. Gerry sends endless love and thanks to his family, friends, mentors, and supporters.





Mason Griffin, The Music Director

Mason is a musical theater accompanist, coach, conductor, and music director. In New York, he’s worked at LaGuardia High School, Amas Musical Theatre, MTCA, Jen Waldman Studio, The New York Film Academy, Applause NY, Broadway Classroom, The West End Lounge, NYU, the City College of New York, Sing for Your Seniors, and The United Nations International School. He is the music director of the current Off-Broadway production of Naked Boys Singing. As music director, highlight shows include: RENT, Les Misérables, The Addams Family, Spelling Bee, A Funny Thing…Forum, Little Shop of Horrors, I Love a Piano, and Dreamgirls. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mason was the guest conductor of Louisiana State University’s annual spring musical theater showcase Singo de Mayo for six years.

Mason created the show No Blue Monday, celebrating the life and music of Broadway composer/lyricist Jerry Herman. This show has been performed in historic cabaret venues, posh UES women’s clubs, and even living rooms. Outside of musical theater, Mason is a dedicatee and avid researcher of the avant-garde composer John Cage. His main interest lies in Cage’s prepared and unprepared piano works from 1935-1955.






With Jimmie Allen’s recent #1 song, Kane Brown’s #1 album, and Grammy wins for artists like Kacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile, Country music seems to be swinging open its doors to some of the more unlikely of country artists – enter Brandon Stansell.

When CMT premiered the video for Brandon’s last single Hometown in November 2018, he instantly became what they called, “living history.” The premiere of this video, addressing LGBTQ themes, is a first for the home of Country Music videos. The video then went on to be named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Country Music Videos of 2018.

“Country music may not be known for being inclusive to LGBTQ artists, but rising musician Brandon Stansell is redefining the genre one soulful song at a time,” says Billboard.

Brandon’s is a bold new voice in the genre, as comfortable making you tap your foot as shed a tear – a singer songwriter with something to say and a voice to remember.






Brody Ray is a Kearney, Nebraska native and a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. And ever since he could remember, music has played a major role in his life. Brody learned his first guitar strum pattern from his mother and started taking guitar and cello lessons at age 8. These were only some of the things his parents supported him in doing at such a young age.

Brody’s life started out differently than most people’s. Brody was born female and knew his body didn’t match what he felt inside. His mother remembers him kicking the back of her seat in the McDonald’s Drive Thru until he got the boy toy in his happy meal, and jumping around in diapers and cowboy boots with a guitar singing at the top of his lungs – doing all the things boys did.

As Brody got older, his love for music grew and so did his desire to become the man he always knew he was inside. Brody dropped out of college with only a semester left until graduation and started his transition to male, all the while focusing on making his dreams of being a performer a reality. Brody got the top surgery and hormones he needed to complete the male image he had always seen himself having. During this process, TLC covered his journey to become who he was inside – struggling with relationships, hormones, surgeries, and family – on the show Strange Sex. His episode – “Right Guy, Wrong Body” – can still be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery Fit and Health, TLC, Neltfix, and YouTube. After appearing on the 2018 season of America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell called Brody “a force to be reckoned with.” The Vacayans couldn’t agree more!






Tori Scott is a singer, actress, and comedian who was recently called “the Bette Midler of the new millennium” by Provincetown Magazine and has been named a Top 10 Cabaret Performer by Time Out New York. She’s graced the stage of Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater for much of the past decade and has toured her solo shows to London, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, Puerto Vallarta, Dallas, and Provincetown.

On television, she’s counted to 20 as a singing garbage woman on Sesame Street and has dubbed the vocals of a singing hooker on HBO’s Cathouse: The Musical. Huffington Post calls Tori “An absolute thrill! A soul-baring singer and sharp comedian… witty, wry and engaging. A twinkling cabaret talent and a sassy storyteller.”






Susie Mosher grew up in San Diego, CA, landed her first professional acting job as the youngest cast member in The Old Globe’s West Coast Premiere of Godspell, and has been thrilling audiences on both coasts ever since. When not performing on stage, Susie has worked steadily in film and TV through the years, including guest roles on Beverly Hills 90210, Veronica’s Closet, Three Sisters, Snoops, Without A Trace, Nurse Jackie, HBO’s If These Walls Could Talk 2, and a recurring role on Showtime’s The L Word. Susie has appeared in numerous films including The Wedding Planner, Lost Souls, View From The Top, It’s Pat, and the popular gay comedy Bear City 2: The Proposal.

In 2007, Susie fulfilled her childhood dream when she joined the Broadway cast of Hairspray, playing Prudy Pingleton for the final two years of the show’s six-year run. Susie can currently be seen in the Drama Desk nominated Off-Broadway hit NEWSical The Musical!

Susie brings her smash Birdland show, THE LINEUP with Susie Mosher, to VACAYA. A wild, anything-goes variety show that’s been a hit with both critics and audiences alike, each LINEUP is unique and promises to deliver an unforgettable night of quintessential entertainment featuring Susie and the fantastic entertainers of VACAYA and YOU! Susie’s “dynamite voice, heartfelt observations, and ridiculously funny improv” (Go Magazine) will leave you breathless.






Brandon James Gwinn is a singer-pianist, composer-lyricist, and producer lauded as “one hell of an entertainer” by the Bistro Awards. His debut EP Not Too Late is now available on iTunes. He produced and performed on Two Birds and One Stone, the first and second albums released by Trixie Mattel (Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3), which both debuted at #1 on the iTunes Top Albums and the Billboard Heatseekers Albums charts. Brandon also directs and produces music for Alexis Michelle (Drag Race Season 9) and produced her debut album Love Fool for Broadway Records. He composed theme music for George Takei’s webseries It Takeis Two and he can often be found entertaining crowds at NYC’s famous piano bar Marie’s Crisis. In addition, Brandon has also arranged and played shows at Feinstein’s, Birdland, Joe’s Pub, 54 Below, and on Fire Island.

Onboard Summit, Brandon will accompany the fabulous Tori Scott, as well as lead our rip-roaring Rendezvous Lounge Piano Bar!






Michael was born, raised, and still resides in Charlotte, NC. He started playing piano at the age of three and minored in music at Garden-Webb University. Having grown up in church music, he’s played for Sandi Patty, Steve Green, Tammy Faye Bakker, Ethel Waters, BJ Thomas, Johnny and June Cash, and Jimmy Dean just to name a few. He’s served as senior pianist of an 18,000-member mega church, a studio musician, and a staff pianist at PTL. He is the current pianist for the 80-member Charlotte Civic Orchestra.

Elenor Roseafelt was unintentionally created in 2010 during a costume contest hosted by Sister Helen Holy and the rest is… history. Sister Helen bestowed the name due to the fake teeth which were a part of the costume. Elenor quickly became known as Sister Helen’s sidekick and pianist for the show, The 701 Club, a spoof of religious talk shows. Elenor has performed nationally and internationally both with The 701 Club and as a solo artist. When not sharing her talents at the piano, Elenor can be found ministering to others and anointing the unsaved with oils.






Born as a “surprise baby,” Paul J. was raised in San Antonio, Texas. That’s where he discovered that, as an often-teased high school band/choir/drama nerd, humor was going to have to be his weapon of choice in defending himself against the other kids. Gratefully, adding humor to an already talented adolescent solidified the foundation for the actor/singer/comic that Paul J. Williams is today.

Paul J.’s story has included six years with the comedy/improv group LESS MISERABLE, numerous theater roles in both musicals and plays, six years of honing his comedy craft in New York City, countless appearances as a stand-up comic across the country, a cable network comedy special appearance, performances with various professional choral ensembles, and an extended run as a featured entertainer with RSVP Vacations. When Paul J. made the difficult decision to hang up his RSVP choir robe two years ago, The Vacayans were happy to scoop him up!

What makes Paul J. so unique is his character work. He’s developed distinct comedy characterizations that have kept him busy and in high demand. And his most beloved and well known alter ego is a character originally inspired by Dana Carvey’s brilliant “Church Lady” character, the not-so-right-good Sister Helen Holy. Ministering on behalf of the fictitious First Southern Fried Self-Satisfied Babatist Church, Sister Helen is sure to be a favorite of VACAYA cruisers.






The NY Times characterized Shelly as” Rambunctious, over the top and of considerable charm.” 

Shelly has cultivated every artistic opportunity in New York over the last 29 years. Opera, theater, comedy, jazz, cabaret, and burlesque emcee are just a few of the creative outputs to which she brings her own distinct combination of both high and lowbrow Art.

She’s graced every stage in NYC from The Metropolitan Opera to CBGB. She’s starred with Company XIV, Dances of Vice, and The Saint at Large. With over 1,000 Burlesque shows as an emcee under her garter belt, her wit, improv skills, and patter are unparalleled.

Possessing knowledge of hundreds of years of music gives her the ability to present cabaret like you’ve never seen. From Massenet to Calloway, from Bach to Mel Brooks, each show delivers one helluva ride!

Not only will Shelly wow you as one of our star cabaret performers, but batten down your hatches, boys and girls, because she’ll also serve as Mistress of Ceremonies for Burlesque Nautique – VACAYA’s showcase of the very best in Queer Burlesque.









Classic European burlesque found its way to the Americas around the end of the 19thCentury and over time developed as a more lowbrow and ribald cousin of Vaudeville. Performances included comic sketches lampooning the upper classes and high art and introduced the strip tease to America. By the 1930s, seven major Broadway Theatres had been transformed into extravagant burlesque houses. NYC Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia shut them all down as “lascivious” and “improper for polite society” by the mid 40s. In the 90s, a new generation of performers nostalgic for the spectacle and glamour brought burlesque back to NYC. And now on any given night you can find a multitude of clubs in town featuring various forms of burlesque. VACAYA is proud to bring you the very best of NYC queer burlesque with our tribute to this super-hot art form in the midst of another sultry resurgence.

Now, meet your Burlesque Nautique Stars, who are all under the alluring command of Mistress of Ceremonies, Shelly Watson:

Jett is “the LeBron James of Burlesque” and “the sexiest, biggest, most talented star on the male burlesque circuit” (Playgirl Magazine). Known as “The No-Pantser Romancer,” “The Diamond Stud,” “The Prince of Burlesque,” “The Las Vegas Showboy,” and ”The Bare-Naked Body Poet,” Jett was named the world’s “Most Innovative” performer by the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame. He is the starring male performer in Dita Von Teese’s world tours Strip Strip Hooray! and The Art of the Teese.



Maine Anders captivates audiences every time she hits the stage. Coined the “Triple Threat of Burlesque” (dancer/actress/singer), she’s performed domestically and internationally, from MGM Grand’s Studio 54 in Las Vegas, Le Bus Palladium (Paris), Buddha Bar (Beirut, Lebanon) to Dragon-i in Hong Kong. Energetic, sensual, and wildly charismatic, her uninhibited rhythmic style and sense of humor blend an ensemble of samba, belly dance, African, improvisation, and contortion into a movement she’s defined as “Burlesque Fusion.”



Creator and co-director of one of NYC’s newest boylesque troops, Members Only Boylesque, Milo takes his inspiration wherever he can get it – a song, a movie scene, a funny quote, a meme – and is here to delight and arouse your senses while he teases and tantalizes you through the sexy art of Boylesque.



Often described as “The Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque,” this vivacious vixen teases with both humor and a sophisticated sensuality. A staple on the New York City burlesque stages, Tansy radiates a joyous effervescence whilst channeling the sublime glamour of another era. She is admired for her classic energy, storytelling, and joie de vivre.



Mr. Gorgeous is 6 feet 5 inches of dorky ambition. Fusing Boylesque, physical comedy, and circus, Gorgeous is a pure spectacle of foolishness and mayhem in the best possible sense. A shy guy in a big body, Gorgeous works the stage with a timid confidence and strives to entertain with his geeky charm. Mr. Gorgeous showcases a variety of classic burlesque acts – all with a Gorgeous twist.






With her glitzy outfits, sky-high wigs, and false eyelashes long enough to embarrass Tammy Faye Bakker, multi-talented drag artist Lady Bunny would turn heads even if looking glamorous was her only talent. But “she” isn’t just another man in a dress: Bunny is a successful comedienne, DJ, actress, singer/songwriter, and most famously, the emcee and creator of Wigstock, the outrageous festival of drag and music which electrified New Yorkers every Labor Day for over 20 years. Wigstock featured almost every queen who ever worked in NYC, but also attracted more mainstream recording acts who just wanted to join in the fun, including Dee-Lite, Debbie Harry, Boy George, RuPaul, John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig, The B-52s’ Cindy Wilson, Crystal Waters, CeCe Peniston, Ultra Nate, Kristine W, Barbara Tucker, and Vickie Sue (Turn The Beat Around) Robinson.

Talented, glamorous, and funny as hell, Lady Bunny is a glittering comet hurtling straight for VACAYA! She’ll DJ our POP! V-Dance and also perform her one-woman show as part of VACAYA’s Late Night Line-up. This fabulous photo of Lady Bunny is courtesy of Jose Guzman Colon.






DJ Steve Cunningham splits his time between Los Angeles and New York, spinning on both coasts. He started his career 20 years ago as the resident DJ for Alternative Mondays at Rage, West Hollywood. After cultivating a strong following in the Silverlake area as resident DJ at The Eagle LA, The Bullet, and Akbar, he relocated to New York in 2015. He’s quickly made a name for himself spinning a multitude of genres, including Classic Rock, Tech House and Techno, 60s Soul, 70s Disco, and 90s House at such notable bars as Metropolitan in Brooklyn and Rockbar and The Cock in Manhattan. He’s currently the resident Friday night and Wednesday night DJ at The Eagle NYC as well.

Steve has maintained his presence in LA spinning a multitude of events, including Rough Sex at The Eagle LA, BUMP at Akbar, and Crisco Disco and Bear Your Soul at The Bullet. All these events have become bicoastal, taking place in both LA and NYC. He continues adding new parties and events to his already robust schedule on both coasts.






Corey Craig (aka “Coreyography”) is a 13-year veteran in the LGBT club scene. He’s curated a signature sound of House, Disco, Tech House, and updated classics. His 2009 closing set for NYC Pride’s “Dance On The Pier” launched him onto the nightclub and party scene and led to residencies in the Fire Island Pines and award-winning parties throughout Manhattan. His later work with top promoters expanded his current demand in Los Angeles (DILF, The Abbey, Masterbeat), San Francisco (RealBad, BeatBox), Las Vegas (Matinee), Provincetown (Bear Week), and an annual San Diego Pride Cruise.

Internationally, Corey has been a regular in Sydney and Melbourne during Mardi Gras season, including headlining sets for various Sydney Mardi Gras events and Bear Bar/Honey. His travels have also taken him to Whistler Gay Ski Week, Vancouver Pride, Edmonton Pride, and The Black Eagle in Toronto. His current stateside residencies include The Eagle NYC and the infamous D World Underwear Party in Fire Island.  Corey also currently tours the USA with The DILF party and MOBD parties in Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, Dallas, and Palm Springs.

Corey owes his massive following to spontaneous live sets and wildly popular podcasts, which are constantly among iTunes’ most downloaded.






The roots of Whitney’s signature sound are grounded in soul music, with her sets building on layers of vocal and deep house, disco, funk and driving, percussive rhythms. Armed with an instinct for reading the crowd and an ability to artfully mix genre-blending sets, Whitney has spent the better part of a decade traveling across the United States and around the globe to DJ in Tokyo, Ibiza, Miami, Montreal, Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna, and beyond.

Whitney’s early training in classical music evolved naturally into a career in DJing and production after coming of age in the clubs of New York City and working in recording studios at home and in London. These days, she lives bi-coastally, having traded in snowy winters for the sunshine and sand of Southern California. She draws new inspiration for her music from the laid back and creative energy of the Los Angeles music and arts scene, while remaining true to her come-up in the urban jungle that is NYC.

As an LGBTQ community leader, influencer, and event producer, Whitney has produced some of the largest queer-centric events in the US at world-renowned venues such as Marquee New York, House of Yes, Cielo, Avenue, Ace Hotel, and Le Bain at the Standard Hotel, as well as in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.



A NOTE: We work with some of the best and busiest talent on the planet. And sometimes, career opportunities that are just TOO GOOD to pass up – a movie deal, a TV show, the starring role in a Broadway musical – present themselves to our contracted performers. The Vacayans support our talent through and through and would never stand in the way of a proverbial “big break.” So please note that all announced performers are subject to change.




Spend a fabulous day on the beach with VACAYA in the fabled Fire Island Pines! Full-day excursion packages for Saturday, August 10, 2019 start at just $229!

This exclusive excursion is available only to Ptown Cruisers and can be booked online now. LEARN MORE




100% of your prepaid gratuities go to onboard staffers, including your stateroom attendant, the culinary services staff, the behind-the-scenes hotel services staff, and the myriad department heads who work with their teams around the clock to create a flawless VACAYA experience for you.

An 18% gratuity is added to all beverage purchases and spa/salon services. If you’ve purchased one of VACAYA’s Drink Ticket Packages, remember that you’ve already paid the 18% gratuity when purchasing your tickets. No further gratuity is required.

A Note About Additional Tipping: As a community, we are extremely generous. We eagerly recognize outstanding individual service with a few extra dollars here and there. Of course, no extra monetary recognition is ever required, but when you take the time to say “thank you” and offer that 3am room service attendant a couple dollars, know that it’s always immensely appreciated by the crew members you recognize.




The Vacayans have worked with local hotel properties in each of our host cities to ensure you have the best available rates and/or the best available terms for each recommended property when you book through our website.

You’ll have total control of your reservation from our hotels page – able to book, view, or cancel your reservation at any time. Be sure to review each property’s terms and conditions (including cancellation policies) on our booking page; they vary from hotel to hotel.

To enhance your pre- and post-cruise experiences, the following properties are recommended by VACAYA:

NEW YORK, NEW YORK USA (rates available now through August 23, 2019*)


Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel – 218 West 35th Street, Manhattan

Soho Grand Hotel – 310 West Broadway, Manhattan

InterContinental Hotels New York Times Square – 300 West 44th Street, Manhattan


Moxy NYC Times Square – 485 7thAvenue, Manhattan

DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West – 350 West 40th Street, Manhattan

Wyndham New Yorker Hotel – 481 8thAvenue, Manhattan

Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan SoHo Village – 66 Charlton Street, Manhattan

Embassy Suites by Hilton New York Midtown Manhattan – 60 W 37th Street, Manhattan

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott – 1 Hotel Road, Newark, NJ


SpringHill Suites Newark Liberty International Airport – 652 Route 1 and 9 South, Newark, NJ

Courtyard Newark Liberty International Airport – 600 Route 1 and 9, Newark, NJ

DoubleTree by Hilton Newark Airport – 128 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ

*AND THE BEST PART: Our preferred rates/terms are available to you ANY time you visit each of our host cities through the end of each cruise. Going to NYC for the holidays? Book here for the best rates! For World Pride 2019? Book through us and save!


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Wireless Internet Service is available ship-wide.

Unlimited Packages for the entire cruise are priced as follows and can be purchased onboard:

1 Device – $249
2 Devices – $375
3 Devices – $498
4 Devices – $623

You can also purchase continuous 1-hour and 24-hour packages:

1 Hour – $24.95
24 Hours – $49.95

If you purchase the 1-hour or 24-hour package, Internet access starts from the time you first connect through the one device. You cannot save minutes for later or transfer remaining minutes to a second device.

If you’re new to cruising or new to Internal usage onboard, please note that Internet speed is nowhere near as fast as it is on land. Although the satellite technology onboard is state-of-the-art, the Internet speed is more in line with old-school dial-up speed at times.

Prices and available packages are subject to change.




If your luggage doesn’t arrive with you at the airport, be sure to file a claim with your airline and make sure they understand you’re getting on a cruise ship. It’s also wise to provide them with a copy of your itinerary. You’ll also want to put them in direct contact with Celebrity’s One Touch Hospitality team, which will help immensely in getting your bags to our ever-moving ship.

One Touch Hospitality handles Lost Luggage issues for Celebrity and can be reached at 1.844.418.6824, ext. 48844. Their hours of operation are 8am-8pm EST, 7 days a week. Their email address is

When you arrive at the pier to board Summit, you will hand off your luggage to the porters at the taxi drop-off. Before handing off your bags, be sure each bag is properly tagged to your stateroom. When you check in online in advance of the cruise, you’ll be able to print luggage tags then. We recommend waiting to arrive in New York BEFORE placing those tags on your luggage. This will help ensure they don’t get ripped off during your flights.

It usually takes between 4-6 hours from the moment you hand over your luggage to the pier-side porters until the bags arrive to your stateroom. If your luggage hasn’t arrived by the time we set sail at 7pm, reach out to Guest Relations on Deck 3 mid-ship. They will do their best to track down your bags. Usually, the reason for a piece of luggage not making its way to your room is that the identifying tag was ripped off at some point in the transfer from pier to ship. These untagged bags are placed in corral awaiting identification.

A Note to STEP Participants: If a piece of luggage ends up in your stateroom and it doesn’t belong to you or your new roommate, be sure to contact Guest Relations to let them know you have someone else’s bag in your room. No doubt, someone has been frantically looking for it and because you thought it was your roommate’s and your roommate thought it was yours, stray bags will sometimes sit there in your room for days before they’re identified as someone else’s luggage. By turning it in early, you will win the love and admiration of a fellow traveler.




Basic medical services are available onboard. The Summit’s Medical Center is located on the Port Side of Deck 1 and is open 8-11am and 4-8pm daily. 24-hour emergency services are also available.

VACAYA recommends that you consult with your primary physician before sailing if you’re experiencing any serious or chronic medical issues. The Summit’s medical team can provide basic services for illnesses/injuries that may occur onboard. They are also able to diagnose and  stabilize most emergency situations. If you require emergency services that can only be provided by a shore-side facility, transfers can be arranged. Please note, however, that while Summit is sailing, transfers may be affected by weather or other logistical considerations.

Quarantines: The health and safety of guests and crew is of paramount importance. And on rare occasions, Summit’s medical team may decide that your condition requires you to be quarantined to your room. This is most common when highly contagious gastrointestinal illnesses like Norovirus are diagnosed. We’ve all heard the stories of hundreds of cruise passengers falling ill with stomach issues like Norovirus and the like. Based on Center for Disease Control guidelines, quarantine is the medical team’s best defense in stopping the spread of viruses such as this. If you’re quarantined, we will do our very best to make you as comfortable as possible for the duration of your quarantine.




Part of the fun of each and every VACAYA cruise/resort vacation is our theme parties. And now that we’re at 120 days, that can only mean one thing… it’s time to dust off those sewing machines and refill those hot glue guns because the PARTY THEMES ARE HERE! Just let your creativity (or your Amazon Prime membership) soar!

And while costumes are always encouraged, they’re never required. We’ll love you in or out of costume and you’ll enjoy your time at VACAYA’s friendly welcoming parties no matter what.

V-Dances (a VACAYA-inspired version of the classic afternoon T-Dance)


It’s our very first V-Dance EVER! And it’s all your pop favorites – old and new – skillfully blended together to keep you moving on the dance floor till the sun sets!
Costume Suggestions: Keep it simple by dressing as or in tribute to your favorite Pop Star! Just channel your inner Demi, Justin, Selena, Miley, Ariana, Bruno, or Britney and you’ll be well on your way! Or if you’re up for a bigger challenge… be inspired by SOMETHING, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING that POPS (Bubble Gum, Bubble Wrap, Balloons, etc.) to kick things up a notch!


Our 80s V-Dance takes the traditional “hanky code” and thwacks it onto your wrist with classic 80s slap bracelets! Discover what “floats the boat” of fellow cruisers!
Costume Suggestions: The 80s offer a treasure trove of movies, TV shows, musicians, characters, and fads to inspire you. So gag us with a spoon and get totally tubular!


It’s a musical trip back to the 90s when the sounds of iconic NYC dance clubs Limelight and Sound Factory ruled downtown, while uptown underground Drag Balls were about to go mainstream thanks to one little Madonna song!
Costume Suggestions: Get your HOUSE in order and sissy that walk! It’s time to serve up some Dance! Floor! REALNESS! Bring your fiercest Pose, Look, and Attitude and we’ll do our very best not to throw any shade.
Or… get your fellow Club Kids together and tap into your gender-fluid fabulousness. This is the ultimate laboratory for your fashion-forward indulgences. Explore some of the era’s most memorable looks HERE and then let your 90s freak flag fly!



We’ve all connected all week long, so now it’s time to strip down and “Bare Your Soul” with your favorite soul classics reimagined in surprisingly new ways. Let the fun shine in as the sun sets on this history-making inaugural cruise! But remember… We Never Can Say Goodbye, Boy, because We Are Family!
Costume Suggestions: There’s no need to wear much at our final V-Dance of the week – just get comfy and be sure to cover the important parts. Swimsuits, Underwear, Jocks, or something unexpectedly sheer are the perfect choices as you open yourself up for one final glorious celebration!



We’re turning back the clock to relive New York’s legendary Studio 54, with your favorite Disco Classics presented exactly as you love them – Original Recipe!
Costume Suggestions: Disco Chic


Tonight, we’re going dark (and we mean daaaark) as we celebrate the K in LGBTQIAPK. Kink has always been a part of our community expression and tonight we’re diving deep to explore its many facets in the ultimate VACAYA BLACK preview! “What’s VACAYA BLACK?!?” Stay tuned for more details!
Costume Suggestions: Leather, Lace, Jocks, Jeans/Ts, Uniforms, Fetish-wear, Pup-wear*


*For all you puppies and handlers out there, there’ll be a Puppy Play Pen where you can all frolic and strut your stuff together.


After returning from a night out in Ptown, Revelations Lounge transforms into the Enchanted After-Party, where all your fairy fantasies come true!
Costume Suggestions: The theme for Ptown Carnival is “Enchanted Forest.” The evening’s big party – Enchanted Cruising – is off-ship at Crown & Anchor (purchase tickets HERE). But after you’ve had a slice of pizza at Spiritus and return to Summit, be prepared to dance the night away at Fairyland! Come As You Are!


Passions have been rising all week long and it’s time to unleash them! From the sacred to the satanic, there’s no color quite like RED to stoke your deepest desires. Scarlet, Ruby, Cardinal, Crimson, Cherry, and Rouge inspire VACAYA’s ultimate fete!
Costume Suggestions: One color unites us all – RED.


You now know ALL the party themes EXCEPT ONE. That’s because the final theme will be chosen by YOU! So let those creative juices flow and let’s see what you’ve got by May 11:


After all the ideas have come in, The Vacayans will choose the Top Five finalists – the top themes that work best with our existing party lineup. Once the Top Five finalists have been selected, we’ll send out a final link where all guests traveling on our Ptown Cruise get to vote on the winning theme. We’ll announce the winning Party Theme in early July – giving you plenty of time to create that show-stopping look!




Inbound and Outbound Satellite Phone Services are available from your stateroom at a cost of $7.95 per minute. Calls are paid by credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).

For inbound business or emergency calls, have callers dial 1.877.266.1020 or 1.321.953.9002. Once prompted, they’ll enter 78664 to connect to Summit.

For more information about this service, visit

Remember, we’ll be in US and Canadian ports the entire time. Under most US mobile plans, you’re likely to be covered throughout our time in port.




New York’s Cape Liberty – Bayonne, New Jersey
4 Port Terminal Blvd
Bayonne, NJ 07002

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
111 Water St.
Saint John, NB E2L 0B1

Bar Harbor, Maine 
1 West St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Provincetown, Massachusetts
24 MacMillan Wharf
Provincetown, MA 02657




  • Guests are not allowed to bring Beer, Hard Liquor, Fortified Wines, Other Alcoholic Beverages, or Cases of Soda/Water onboard for consumption, with the following exception:
    • Guests wishing to bring personal wine onboard at the beginning of the cruise may do so, limited to two (2) 750 ml bottles per stateroom. When consumed in any shipboard restaurant, bar, or dining venue, each bottle shall be subject to a corkage fee of $25.00. It is recommended that you pack your personal wine in your carry-on bag, as alcohol packed in regular luggage has the potential to be confiscated by security (but later returned during the voyage).
  • Illegal Drugs and Illegal Substances: All illegal drugs and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
    • A note about Medical Marijuana: Celebrity does not allow guests who possess medical marijuana permits to bring marijuana onboard their ships. It is only legal to use medical marijuana in the jurisdiction (state/county/city etc.) where it was prescribed. It’s a federal offense to possess it when leaving and entering the U.S. and many foreign countries.
    • Kratom is prohibited.
  • All Firearms and Weapons, ammunition, explosives, incendiary devices, and realistic replicas of firearms are prohibited. For security reasons, Celebrity does not permit guests to carry firearms onboard during their voyage or otherwise secure weapons for anyone on their vessels or at the pier. Guests will need to make arrangements to leave the firearms at home or contact the local authorities for alternate arrangements. Celebrity does not allow any guest (including law enforcement officers on vacation) to bring weapons onboard the vessel. All weapons should be left at home, locked up in a vehicle if driving to the port, or turned over to a local office of Customs, police, FBI, etc. for safe keeping during the voyage.
  • Flammable Items: All items with open flames or heating elements are strictly prohibited; the exceptions are hair curling irons, straightening irons (flat irons), and hair dryers, which are permitted onboard. Flammable Items include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Candles
    • Clothing Irons
    • Travel Steamers
    • Hot Plates
    • Incense & Burners
    • Tea Cup Immersion Heaters
    • Aerosols, except for personal care toiletries
    • Fuels, including cooking fuels and any flammable liquids
    • Gasoline
    • Gas Torches
    • Lighter Fluid
    • Flares
    • Flammable Paints
    • Turpentine & Paint Thinner
    • Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
    • Hookahs & Water Hookah Pipes
    • Car Batteries
    • Hoverboards
    • Oil diffusers
    • Electric Blankets
    • Electric Heating Pads
  • Knives and Sharp Objects: All knives with blade lengths of four (4) inches or greater are prohibited. Knives that are concealed or disguised as other commonplace objects such as belt buckles, walking canes, pens, credit card holders, etc., are also prohibited. Flick knives (also known as an automatic knife, pushbutton knife, ejector knife, or switchblade) or any other type of knife with a folding or sliding blade that is opened automatically by activating a button, lever, or switch on the handle. Knives that incorporate locking blades are also not allowed onboard. Other sharp objects, such as scissors with blades longer than 4 inches, which could reasonably be used as a weapon, are also not allowed. Sharp Objects include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Box Cutters
    • Ice Picks / Ice Axes
    • Meat Cleavers
    • Razor-Type Blades, such as box cutters, utility knives, and razor blades not in cartridge (Note: shaving safety razors are allowed.)
    • Sabers, Swords, and Fencing Foils
    • Scissors with blade length four (4) inches or greater
  • Recreational Diving Knives Exception: Recreational diving knives are permitted onboard regardless of blade length but must be held in the safe custody of the Chief Security Officer. Dive knives may be checked in and out by the owner for dive excursions during the cruise
  • Personal Grooming Items Exception:Personal grooming items such as metal nail files, cuticle tools, scissors for trimming facial hair, manicure sets and other similar small personal grooming implements, are permitted onboard.
  • Tools include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Axes & Hatchets
    • Cattle Prods
    • Hammers
    • Drills and Drill Bits
    • Saws
    • Other Tools (such as wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers) greater than 7 inches in length
  • Martial Arts and Self-Defense Items include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Billy Clubs
    • Black Jacks
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Kubatons
    • Mace / Pepper Spray
    • Martial Arts Weapons
    • Night Sticks
    • Nunchakus
    • Stun Guns / Shocking Devices
    • Throwing Stars
    • Handcuffs
    • Bows & Arrows
  • Sporting Goods Exception: Sporting goods and equipment are permitted onboard. However, guests should be advised that the items must be stored in their stateroom and are not to be used, displayed, or carried in the public areas at all. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the item and may be considered to be a Guest Conduct Policy violation. Sporting goods include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Baseball and cricket bats
    • Hockey sticks
    • Skateboards
    • Surf boards
    • Golf clubs
    • Bicycles
  • Disabling Chemicals and Other Dangerous Items: The following items or those similar are not permitted onboard:
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
      • Celebrity no longer allows Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones onboard their ships. This decision was made in light of recent incidents and safety concerns raised by Samsung about this particular device, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recent ban of the phone from all airplanes. We ask guests who own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to not bring the device on your cruise.
    • Chlorine
    • Bleach
    • Spray Paint
    • Tear Gas
    • Transformers
    • Electrical Extension Cords – including power strips/surge protected strips
    • Spillable Batteries (Note: Wheelchair batteries are permitted)
    • Small Compressed Gas Cartridges
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Other Compressed Gas Cylinders (Note: Dive tanks are permitted if they are empty; Medical gas bottles are also permitted)
    • HAM Radios or other transmitting devices are strictly prohibited due to potential interference with the ship’s onboard communication systems.
      • Baby monitors are not allowed to be used onboard our vessels as their radio signal could interfere with ship communication and/or navigation systems.
      • Note: Guests are allowed to have two-way radios, more commonly known as walkie-talkies, for onboard personal communications. Basic specifications are as follows: Up to 10-mile coverage range, Up to 5 watts power, Internal Voice, Operated Transmission, No external mounting antenna.




Enchanted Cruising Kick-Off Party for Carnival 2019
Crown & Anchor
247 Commercial St.
Provincetown, MA 02657

Thursday, August 15, 2019 – 9:30pm
Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 at the door





April 10, 2019 – Performance venues around Ptown are starting to offer tickets to their summer shows. As they become available, you’ll be able to get tickets to your favorite entertainers’ shows here:


Check back often for more and more offerings!




At VACAYA, we’ll do our very best to serve both cruisers who smoke and those who don’t. The following areas are designated as SMOKING areas onboard Celebrity Summit:

  • Deck 11 – Port Side next to Mast Bar
  • Deck 10 – Sunset Bar – Port Side Aft
  • Deck 4 – Open Deck Port Side – Midship going forward

Cigars can only be smoked in the designated area at the Sunset Bar. And Vape Pens can be used in ALL designated smoking areas.

Smoking inside staterooms (including on verandas) and non-designated public areas is prohibited.




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Join #VACAYA as we reimagine the LGBT+ Vacation.We’ll be the largest ship – gay or straight – to ever overnight in Ptown!

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Summer weather in the Northeast United States is usually warm and lovely during August.

Here are the average high and low temperatures for each of our ports of call:

New York
High 84°F / 29°C
Low 68°F / 20°C

Saint John
High 74°F / 23°C
Low 54°F / 12°C

Bar Harbor
High 78°F / 26°C
Low 56°F / 13°C

High 75°F / 24°C
Low 65°F / 18°C

While the average temperatures are comfortable, temperatures can reach triple digits during summer heat waves.




July 25, 2018 – Ptown Carnival Notification – Describes a slight change to Ptown festivities

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November 15, 2018 – Fire Island Excursion – Book our Exclusive Excursion to Fire Island Online

February 12, 2019 – Drink Tickets – Purchase your Drink Tickets in Advance Online and Save!

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April 12, 2019 – Party Themes – Ptown Cruise Party Themes Are Released!

The Value
Why Ferry When You Can Cruise?

It’s time to rewrite the playbook on value! With so many inclusions and opportunities to save, cruising has never been more exciting or more affordable.

The Ship
Modern Luxury Defined

For Summit, Celebrity brought together teams of world-class architects, interior designers, stylists, and even landscape artists to create a showcase of the most inspiring spaces at sea, custom designed just for you.

The #1 Gay Community in America

Provincetown is a celebration of LGBTQ life. With endless (and awesome!) shopping, great restaurants, art fairs, fun parties, and iconic celebrations, this city with a year-round population of 3,000 bursts to life during the summer season.

The Food
Culinary Excellence

Enjoy an amazing array of flavors and a wide selection of restaurants to suit every mood. Menus are inspired by and sourced from the incredible regions Celebrity visits.

The Drinks
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Each of Summit’s clubs, bars, and lounges is a unique destination unto itself, with menus offering a diverse selection of classics to complement the latest trends.

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The pricing for the suites and staterooms on our Ptown Cruise can be found on this page.

Exhilarating days of discovery deserve exceptional spaces to recharge. Celebrity Summit’s range of luxurious accommodations has been artfully created to make your stay warm and welcoming. And with rooms at a wide range of price points, you’ll be able to breathe and relax in no time.

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