Are you ready to dive into VACAYA headfirst? Then we’ve got a special Season 1 offer just for you! Participating in VACAYA’s inaugural season will be a thrilling experience you’ll never forget, but being recognized for your patronage will make it even sweeter. To celebrate the launch of VACAYA, we’re offering special inaugural savings when you book two or more of our Season 1 vacations:

Inaugural Offer Gift Card



2 Vacations

$100 Onboard Credit per guest

3 Vacations

$150 Onboard Credit per guest

4 Vacations

$200 Onboard Credit per guest

This amazing offer is limited and is available until it’s not! So book online TODAY!

  • Season 1 consists of four 2019 vacation events: our Ptown Cruise, VACAYA Oasis @ UNICO 20°87°, our Amsterdam-to-Nuremberg River Cruise, and finally our Nuremberg-to-Budapest River Cruise.
  • Onboard credit applies only to the first two passengers traveling together in one room for all inaugural vacations.
  • Travelers booking multiple vacations at single supplement rates will receive onboard credits for both halves of the guest room. If the single guest ends up adding a roommate at a later date, only one onboard credit will be received (unless the added roommate has also booked multiple trips).
  • Offer valid for solo travelers participating in STEP (our Solo Traveling with Ease Program).
  • Onboard credit will be applied to a single vacation at VACAYA’s discretion.
  • All traveler names must be submitted at time of booking. If name changes or substitutions are made on any reservation, the onboard credit is forfeited.
  • This inaugural offer will not automatically appear when you book online, but rest assured that your onboard/resort credit will appear on your ship/resort account when you travel. There is no need to contact our office in advance.
  • If you receive a bonus credit on your first trip booked and then cancel a later trip after receiving your onboard credit, the credit will be added to your cancellation fees. For example, you book our Ptown Cruise and the VACAYA Oasis @ UNICO 20°87° trip. You receive the $100 onboard credit on the Ptown Cruise but then shortly after the cruise you cancel your VACAYA Oasis trip. The $100 onboard credit you received onboard Summit would then be added to the cancellation penalty for the VACAYA Oasis trip.
  • All rewards are subject to verification.