“Everything is Included” – What Does That Even Mean?, by Randle Roper

We here at VACAYA pride ourselves on providing true, accurate, and detailed information about our various vacations, but there still seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding all-inclusive resorts – especially new resorts like our UNICO 20°87°, which is redefining the world of all-inclusives.

As a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, UNICO features inclusions that have never been offered before. So to show you the clear differences between a new all-inclusive like VACAYA Oasis @ UNICO versus a typical “all-inclusive” like the one you’d find with Club Med Punta Cana, we’ve created this handy little comparison chart for you.

Remember these details the next time you hear EVERYTHING is included”…


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Travel writing is an art form, to be sure. Everything is always “the biggest” or “the best” or “the most beautiful” when copy writers attempt to bring a destination to life. We love our words, too, but The Vacayans think pictures tell our story just a bit better. In our eyes, they’re worth a million words, making your choice for quality and value crystal clear…

*A 20% Service Fee is charged by the hotel for all Spa/Salon/Golf/SCUBA/Excursion bookings. Think of this service fee as a built-in gratuity for the service. Each inclusion has a set retail price from which that 20% service fee is calculated. For example, if you choose a 50-minute massage with a retail price of $180, you’d pay only a $36 service fee for that treatment. An $80 excursion? You’d pay only $16. Our UNICO Essentials Rate includes accommodations, food, top shelf alcohol, and VACAYA events/parties only. Club Med “THEM” photos sourced by TripAdvisor.com.


    • Hi there, Daniel. Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm EST. We sent you an email shortly after your evening comment came in. Hope you received that. 🙂

  1. I really don’t like the wording of saying that scuba and other EXCURSIONs are included for free with this resort. There is mandatory service fee that must be paid to get the service so how can you say the excursion is included for free? I’m planning on scuba diving while there and the retail price for each diving excursion is around 600 retail price. That just sounds outrageous who pays $600 for a dive in the real world. I don’t even pay 120 a dive up in my area which is the mandatory fee. I am looking forward to this trip with my partners and getting some nice diving in while I’m there but saying something is included and saying that I have to pay a mandatory service fee on a high retail price doesn’t translate into something being included in the trip to me.

    • It’s a great perspective, Chris. But let me clarify a few things to give you a little deeper insight. We’ve never said that the extras were “free.” There’s always been the service fee, which is the gratuity for the service provided. We do our best to explain that on several pages on our website. You have to remember that UNICO is literally rewriting the playbook on all-inclusives. So we’re all on this new path together. They are a 5-star+ luxury property, so the retail prices of their services are substantially higher than what you might experience at a lower-end property. The best way I can illustrate the differences is by comparing two fairly familiar brands – Sheraton and the Four Seasons. Both are great companies, but the pricing at each is dramatically different. Sheraton is more mainstream and breakfast might cost $15-$20 where a Four Seasons breakfast could cost $50-$60. The same can be said for the services provided – a massage at a Sheraton might cost $100, where at the Four Seasons it might be $450. And that’s the difference between a 3-star property like Sheraton (or in this comparison, Club Med) and a 5-star property like Four Seasons (or UNICO). The services are infinitely more luxurious and come at a higher retail price point. I think you’ll be incredibly impressed by the level of luxury at UNICO. We’re confident the experience is going to blow people away.

  2. I understand Chris h. concern about pricing and understand your reply. However, I do not see any pricing for the excursions. I know what I paid to swim with dolphins when I was on a cruise. Are THeir pricing higher because of being a 5 star resort? IS there a price list for excursions?

  3. Look…we’re just happy to know we have another choice for gay travel with our gay brothers and sisters in its entirety. we love how you’ve made it diverse to the degree of making everyone…”EVERYONE” feel welcome, wanted, invited, and comfortable…thank you for that. we also look forward to a new set of ports of call, and our ability to finally…spend the night at one of them. we know in the future your ports of call will amaze, dazzle, and entertain us. kudos on this massive step into the gay world of travel.

    we love you guys!!!

    • Well thank you, Reba and Peaches. The feeling is entirely mutual. And we have NO DOUBT you’ll have many more amazing RSVP and VACAYA adventures in your future!

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